Unleashing the Power of Gaming: Introducing the ASUS ROG Ally X

In an industry where the currency is innovation, ASUS drops the mic once again with the announcement of the ASUS ROG Ally X gaming handheld. Not just a gaming handheld, this is the call to arms for TRUE hardcore gamers eagerly awaiting next-level evolution plus major bug-fixes in their portable gaming hardware. With a live stream presentation on May 9, 2024, a window to the future was opened with the ‘handheld gaming of tomorrow’, and now the internet is alive with speculation on what’s going to set the ASUS ROG Ally X apart from its peers. Let’s hit the ground running and explore just what makes the ASUS ROG Ally X the future of gaming.

The Dawn of a New Gaming Era

When ASUS announced the ROG Ally X earlier this year, you got the sense they were creating the Pro mod for portable gaming. The X stands for an overhaul and not just a tweak, a beast intended to ‘reinvent’ portable gaming. ASUS are revealing exactly what it looks like in more detail on 2 June 2024, which will be the date ASUS are releasing.

Unveiling the Upgrades

ASUS never shies away from the idea of breaking the mould, though, and with the ROG Ally X it has delivered several welcome upgrades in these key areas.

  • RAM Boosts: Ensuring smoother gameplay and more efficient multitasking.
  • Upgraded Ports: Complete the SSD transplant with a remedy for the problem that made it unworkable from the start – better, sturdier hardware versions of the ports.
  • Enhanced Battery Life: To support extended gaming sessions without the constant need for recharging.
  • UI Armoury Crate SE 1.5 (coming July 2024): Finally, it’s here! Featuring sleeker corners and nearly flawless controls, this major UI upgrade effortlessly reimagines navigation and customisation for intuitive new ease.

A Closer Look at UI Armoury Crate SE 1.5

The ROG Ally X will be the first device to feature Armoury Crate SE 1.5 UI, which promises to greatly improve user experience and deliver many quality-of-life improvements gamers have been asking for, including:

  • Redesigned menu options for easier navigation.
  • Quick access to your game library with trigger buttons.
  • New menu options and the ability to customize your menu layout.
  • A file-sharing service for game profile templates, where players could share their customised button mappings with each other.

The Gaming Community's Response

What an announcement! Nor the ASUS ROG Ally X specifically, but instead the whole gaming community. The reception to the announcement, has been a relief and a release of sorts, in that Forums of all shapes and sizes have absolutely lit up, social media channels buzzing with not only speculation, but also with seething satisfaction and elation about what it means for the future of handheld gaming. Once again, ASUS has listened to its customers, not just doing right by them, but innovating for them.

ASUS: A Legacy of Innovation

Since the dawn of high-performance electronics, ASUS has epitomised the finest of what is possible. As the maker of the world’s first laptop with a 16:10 aspect ratio (which, today, is the industry standard), ASUS has never lost its commitment to high performance and reliable quality.The ROG Ally X is a spirit-carrier for ASUS’ legacy of technological supremacy and its reputation for producing some of the best products at the cutting edge of portable tech.

The Essence of ASUS

At the heart of this experience, ASUS strives to provide the latest technology to make the user experience better in ways that matter. From laptops to desktops to gaming handhelds such as ROG Ally X, ASUS continues to blaze new trails in technology, leading the way with innovation at every turn.

FAQs about Selling ASUS with Gizmogo

Are ASUS Devices in High Demand on Gizmogo?

Yes, ASUS devices are always coveted by Gizmogo customers because of their novelty and quality. In fact, recently a new device called the ROG Ally X has been introduced, which has aroused the excitement and demand of gamers who are eager to upgrade their handheld gaming performance.

How Can I Sell My ASUS Device on Gizmogo?

If you're ready to sell your ASUS, Gizmogo makes the process easy: you check your ASUS model on our website, describe its condition, and get a quote. If you accept, send your item for free, and get paid. And fast.

What Makes ASUS Devices Stand Out for Resale?

ASUS’ reputation for manufacture quality, performance and high-end technology also means its products have considerable value in second-hand markets. Niche devices such as the ROG Ally X, which appeal to a faction of the market such as gamers, maintain their retained value for longer periods of time.

Can I Trade My Old ASUS Device for a ROG Ally X?

Yes, Gizmogo does offer a trade-in policy, which allows you to trade in your old ASUS device and bring the price of the ROG Ally X closer and closer to your grasp.

Is There a Market for Used ASUS Gaming Handhelds?

Yes. There’s always an audience for extended gaming rigs at decent prices. A used ASUS gaming handheld might be worth its weight in gold (over on Gizmogo, wheeee!) but a used ROG Ally X can easily pump out the same 3.4 milliwatts per sq mm as its old desktop Xbox counterpart while staying cool.

Closing Thoughts

The ASUS ROG Ally X is more than the next iteration of gaming innovation — it’s the jumping-off point for portable gaming as we know it. Never seen before upgrades meet visceral player-centric design for an experience that will forever change the way you walk away from your games. Hard-core, casual — (or anywhere in-between) gamers: As soon as the ASUS ROG Ally X is available, you want one of these machines. Even if you’re not ready to switch, you’ll want one. Upgrade your ASUS devices at Gizmogo Whether it’s through nostalgic recollections of older iterations of games, a sense of certainty games automatically become improved with every new console, or some other reason that explains why we gamers cringe at our own left thumbs, it’s painful to remember how good we had it before. AS–Wo, the platformer we ‘played’ on the original Atari game device was mind-blowingly awesome at one time. So, it’s only right that the progression of gaming technology catches up with the slightly-aggravating (but ultimately appreciative) fan base that plays it. Gizmogo is proud to carry ASUS devices — from desktops to laptops to convertibles — all learned from years spent on the cutting edge of electronic technology. But not everyone is quite ready to call themselves ‘techies.’ So, we’ve included a feature on Gizmogo that enables you to sell old or gently used ASUS devices, giving you access to the latest technology ASUS has to offer. Take a look at the ASUS ROG Ally X. Even if you’re not an Avid gamer, you must know how it makes you feel, how you could kill 137 hours playing this ASUS Machine. Of course our mood starts optimistic — we can surmount the tough days if we play for long enough, if we continue to grind at the game, if only we improve our strategies so that we can reap the rewards. (We say ‘we’ as if the player isn’t just one single individual, but also all those we left behind in other groups — rejected, wrote off, or forgotten in ways we haven’t figured out how to justify yet, or, at the very least, wouldn’t dare to out loud). So it’s really no surprise that the days can blur together, turning into weeks, only to find a solid year of holidays wasted away.

May 09, 2024
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