## Embracing the Aftermath: The Thrills and Chills of "Atomfall," Rebellion's Latest Creation

Video games are always evolving, but it’s not often you come across something that makes a sound so distinctive that it echoes through the centuries of gaming that came before. Rebellion, the developers behind Sniper Elite, have a new rogue adventure with a nuclear twist in the works. Atomfall is a survival action romp through post-nuclear Britain with heavy nods to action adventure and large open worlds, and the few details we know add up to something that should be worth a close watch from the moment someone so much as presses the start button. Here’s why.

### What Lies Beneath the British Countryside Post-Nuclear Havoc?

At the centre of Atomfall is a Britain that few people who move around those islands today would consider familiar. The game, which takes place five years after a world-ending nuclear disaster, is set in the British countryside, which in this case is peaceful and unsettling at the same time. Its villages and cults, wandering dolls and strange retors, tall waves of wheat, broken-down cars, abandoned farms and London buses, tell the story – not of a world nobody recognises, but of a world made from the fragments of real life. The story of Atomfall is based on an incident that’s itself based on history. In the summer of 1957, a cloud of radioactive dust seeped up from an abandoned test lab in northern England and spread across a wide portion of Britain, from Northern Ireland to the south and east coasts.

### The ROGUE Elements of "Atomfall"

It drops them into post-nuclear Britain and tasks them with journeying through it, encountering all the rogue elements now in control of Britain: the deer-mask cultists, the ambiguously governmental ‘Organisation’, and the mechanised beasts that now roam the countryside. Rebellion’s Rogue Britain is not only defined by its antagonists: it is also a Britain where the story of life becomes survival, resilience and truth in the absence of society.

### Exploring Rebellion's Post-Apocalyptic Playground

Atomfall’s open-world countryside offers a world to roam at the player’s pleasure; to meander into village life through a door; to imbibe the idyll of a country pub; to discover the secrets ensconced in the shadowy countryside or what mysteries await, ghoulish glimpses in the blue-hazed hunched figures of the zombies that lay in wait. The exquisite nooks and crannies of the burgeoning world of Atomfall, drawing on UK-centred sci-fi of the 1950s and ‘60s, and the strange and disconcerting beauty of folk horror, offer a proverbial rogue’s gallery of repeated and infinite experiences, as the player unlocks the hidden narrative threads that piece together a post-war Britain that’s uniquely mine.

### Survival and Action: The Pillars of "Atomfall"

Essentially, ‘Atomfall’ is a single-player, survival-action game that combines exploration with fear. You’ll not only confront outlaw factions and life forms roaming the land but also experience the harsh realities of a country devastated by nuclear fallout. Fighting with your bare hands, versus robots and zombies, is just one of several ways in which your brain and your brawn are your best friends during this rogue adventure.

### Why Gamers Will Love Going ROGUE in "Atomfall"

For those familiar with Rebellion’s previous work – such as the cult Sniper Elite series, a franchise I was already anticipating the next title in – Atomfall is a gutsy reinvention of the company’s first-person perspective surprise. The game draws on familiar elements of the developer’s legacy – the first-person perspective, sure – but creates something entirely new. Primed for its 2025 day-one Game Pass launch, and coming to Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC, Atomfall is not a simple product that can be summed up. Instead, it is invitation into the unknown, to confront gangsters in post-war Britain, and to be a part of an adventure that marries the best of the genre to survival-action gaming.

### About Rogue

In the context of Atomfall, rogue captures the panoply of factors out of order that players will run into, from rogue government agencies to rogue cults and rogue AIs who have gone off-script. Rogue elements of Atomfall are what lend the story and campaign of the game texture and colour as the world challenges players to adapt, plan and, eventually, thrive in a world where the unexpected is par for the course. This roguish adventure is more than just a game. It is an investigation of how rogue societies, rogue technologies and rogue ideologies turn the world upside down, literalising it so that what seems surreal is often just the norm.

When Atomfall 2025 is released, we have a pretty good inkling of what this means: not simply that Rebellion isn’t dabbling in rogue tropes, but that they’re turning them inside out and reinscribing them into a post-apocalyptic Britain. When players navigate Atomfall’s various apocalyptiads, they aren’t just survivors or wanderers. They’re rogue elements in the midst of a rogue world. Atomfall will be a barrel of laughs – not least because the United Kingdom is, in many respects, already the setting of a post-apocalyptic game – and rogue elements will be a major part of the fun.

Jun 10, 2024
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