Unveiling the Mysteries of Avowed: Your Ultimate Guide to the Next Epic RPG Adventure by OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT

When you hear that Obsidian Entertainment is developing an open-world RPG set in Eora, your first thought ought to be: ‘Of course they are.’ The studio behind the darkly comedic South Park: The Stick of Truth (2014) and the darkly grim Pillars of Eternity series (2015, 2018) has proven itself to be a master of the genre, time and again creating complex RPGs that immerse the player in the world, and the events of that world. If Avowed is anywhere near as good as the studio’s previous efforts, it has the potential to become one of the most radical and exciting titles in modern fantasy gaming. It’s one of the most highly anticipated RPGs in a long time.

Avowed's Anticipated Arrival

When Can We Step Into the World of Avowed?

Avowed will launch in Fall 2024. OK, that’s pretty exact. But we have only hints that the date is then. It could be 12 November 2024; it could be sooner, if the months between now and then narrow the window down by weeks, weeks by days, and days by hours.

The Exclusive Experience on Xbox and PC

As a proud Xbox studio, Obsidian promises that Avowed will be an Xbox and PC exclusive. While the studio is leaving open the possibility of it eventually landing on other platforms, for now, the game is an Xbox and PC exclusive.

The Glimpse into Avowed's Soul

Trailers: Peering Into the Unknown

This June’s Xbox Games Showcase was a literal blessing for fans of RPGs: its Official Gameplay Trailer gave us an exploration of the Living Lands, developing aesthetic promises beyond the experience Larian showcased for their RPG Baldur’s Gate III in 2020. The trailer features anything from human, elf, dwarf and lizardfolk to a phantom possessed by the horrific Dreamscourge plague. In addition to ethno-religious conflict, inner ethical struggle seems to be one of the hallmarks of Avowed‘s storytelling. The game wants to make you question your morality, as well as live by it, through the choices you make – thus the implementation of ‘narrative choice systems’, as revealed by the official announcement.

Gameplay: A Familiar Yet Unique Adventure

But while Avowed could at first seem similar to something like Skyrim to many, it serves to promise so much more under the hood. Your freedom here is your very own – whether you choose to take wizarding paths, barbarian routes or something in between, your character’s ability to wield weapons and magic and hone skills is near-infinite, and the gameplay will shift away from an open world to an overworld map based on a hub. In the post-2024 Xbox Games Showcase deep dive video, we learned that companions would travel with you, deepening Avowed’s narrative heart and crafting a personal experience. You’d be able to tailor the way they fight, choose your companions, outfit them and gear up. You can change how your character moves, what weapons she wields and how she wields them, and you can shape her looks, too.

Prepping for the Journey

Though when we’ll all be able to make the trip to the Living Lands remains a mystery – only time will tell. What we do know is that, by virtue of release day availability for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, avowed gamers won’t miss a beat when Avowered goes live.

Studio Spotlight: The Genius Behind Avowed

With a long history of creativity, innovation and unyielding passion for RPGs, Obsidian Entertainment is a studio with a storytelling reputation unlike any other – a team of brilliant developers and world-class storytellers who have created some of the most memorable games of all time, and have consistently delivered experiences that go far beyond the confines of their games’ mechanics, crafting worlds that feel just as real as the one we live in, and populated by rich stories and characters that bring those worlds to life. Avowed is the next chapter in the Obsidian legacy, where players will enter a world of magic, intrigue and adventure, and forge their own path through a world of unrestrained imagination.

To sum up, Avowed is already setting itself up to be a game that could change the way we think of first-person RPGs. With roots sunk into the rich, fertile soil of Obsidian’s history with the RPG genre, and with the tantalising hints of gameplay, storytelling and worldbuilding we’ve already seen, from the cinematic trailer to the gameplay reveal to the preceding lore-filled fiction, Avowed is set to be an adventure that we won’t forget any time soon. After all, both seasoned RPG adventurers looking to find their next great love, and newcomers hungry for their first taste of it, are definitely invited to dance with the north wind in the Living Lands this fall of 2024. We’re excited about the new era that’s on its way.

Jun 13, 2024
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