Unlocking the Secrets of Slumber: Discover the Best Sleep Trackers of 2024

A long, restorative sleep is on the wish list of anybody striving for health and wellness – but, in our wired world, a quality night’s rest can be elusive. Enter the new crop of technology designed to help you get a better night’s sleep: we’re talking sleep trackers. With so many options that claim to help you snore softly into sleep, where does one start? We’ve narrowed down the orchard to bring you a few of the sleep trackers that can help you make positive changes to improve your sleeping habits. But before we get there, an explanation on what sleep trackers are.

The Pinnacle of Sleep Tracking: Finding Your Perfect Night's Companion

APPLE Watch Series 9: A Dream Weaver for the Modern Sleeper

The APPLE Watch Series 9 is our top recommended sleep tracker for its combination of sophistication and utility. The fast S9 chip and enhanced health sensors allow it to focus on sleep cycles. APPLE is now at the forefront of night-time tech. Also, it can’t stand alone: it must be paired with an iPhone, which is a small strike against it, as is its daily recharging.

Navigating Through the Night with the Google Pixel Watch 2

For those already bought into Google’s Android universe, Google Pixel Watch 2 integrates (and seems to better utilise) Fitbit’s deep boardroom experience in sleep-tracking. It’s a feather-light watch that offers tough-as-nails battery life. But like the previous model, it’s not for metric-minded exercisers.

The Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon: Elegance Meets Precision

And if you like jewellery that matches the intensity of your workday, then the Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon is your Cinderella. It’s a nondescript but potent Wearable Who that promises to reveal the dirty details of your nocturnal habits, unattractive though those details may be – but only if you sign up and pay for full membership, and only if you have rings that fit (and if you’re between sizes in either ring, then you’re out of luck, too).

Garmin Venu 3S: For the Sleep-Optimized Athlete

In the Venu 3S, athletes turning around in their sleep (yes, that really does happen) can track their sleep quality while a sleep coach tries to help them along their way to getting better sleep. For those who want their sleep data to last as long as their sleep itself, their wish is granted because the Garmin Venu 3S lasts longer and tracks sleep longer than many watches do.

Whoop 4.0: The Athlete's Nighttime Coach

The screenless ‘whooper’ original – or Whoop 4.0 as they are now called – is as customised as it gets. Tracking the organs of your body’s circadian rhythms, as well as that of your immediate surroundings, and combining it with personalised advice, it’s a band for those who take their sport as seriously as they take their sleep. Then again, the latter is equally as serious, though you will have to pay a yearly fee (after your initial outlay) for the privilege of receiving this personalised coaching.

The Quest for the Best Night's Sleep: What's the Best Tracker for You?

Choosing Your Sleep Sentinel: Factors to Consider

Your sleep-health quest will find you walking a complicated landscape of options: whether your tracker offers enough functionality, whether your pillow will be comfortably supportive enough, whether your gadgetry has enough add-ons, and whether the cost is worth getting some shut-eye. You can see your fellow sleep-hunters’ experiences in user reviews. Follow their footsteps.

Orchestrating a Symphony of Slumber: How We Chose

Picking the best of the best forced us to undergo a battery of tests, news stories, and peer reviews. When we held each tracker to the highest standards of quality, customer feedback and scientific insight, we came up with our definitive list of sleep doohickeys that serve to give your dreams of sleeping better an actual leg to stand on.

The APPLE of Your Eye: A Closer Look at APPLE

The elegant design and cutting-edge technologies of the APPLE Watch Series 9 – like other APPLE products – are exemplars of what we have come to expect from the innovative California technology giant. Consistently at the leading edge of innovative wearable technologies, the APPLE Watch Series 9 is a new all-encompassing health and wellness device for our modern lives. Since its inception, APPLE has been both a gatherer and sharer of technologies that improve the human experience, and its entry into the field of sleep tracking is no different. APPLE products excel in the fields of accuracy, usability, and feature-rich design with success. Its endeavours to improve the quality of sleep with an array of features, algorithms and signals promise to enhance human health.

It can be hard to navigate your way through the night, but with the right tools by your side, the promise of sleep awaits. From lashing the straps of the APPLE Watch Series 9 to your wrists to ringing your fingers with the Oura Ring, the path to a good night’s sleep is one not to be slept on. Sweet dreams!

Jun 08, 2024
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