Get # Sizzle and Save: Unleashing Summer Fun with the Blackstone Duo Grill

Summer rays are just around the corner, and the lingering scent of outdoor cooking isn’t too far behind. If the mouth-watering smell of grilled food is what you crave or if the sizzle of a griddle is your soundtrack, but you haven’t prepared your patio for the season yet, don’t despair. Walmart just slashed the price of the Blackstone Duo 17-inch Propane Griddle and Charcoal Grill to under $200 from its original price of $293. Here, we’ll explain why this offer is too hot to miss, and why shopping it might make for one of your best summer cooking purchases.

Why the Blackstone Duo is a Must-Have for Summer Cookouts

Versatility at Its Finest

The Blackstone Duo is neither a mere griddle nor a shabby grill: Rather, it is a one-of-a-kind powerhouse for the outdoor chef who desires options. On the one side is a flat griddle for searing or frying eggs and pancakes, while flip that griddle over and you have a grill that will smokey up burgers and vegetables. Its ‘17 inch’ in the name can be deceiving, because this grill and griddle combo is an expansive surface to prepare a feast in for the immediate family or a group of friends.

Convenience and Quality Combined

Its versatility in cooking aside, the Blackstone Duo offers all the convenience and quality you’d expect. Rolling on sturdy wheels and equipped with hooks to hold your utensils and a shelf for extra goodies, it’s obvious that Blackstone thought about the user. A rear management system for grease collection keeps your focus on grilling and proceeds with your party instead of cleaning up after a cookout.

TAP into Unbeatable Savings

A Deal Not to Be Missed

Now, when you tap the special offer, which won’t last forever, you will get the Blackstone Duo Grill for under $200! Sure, it’s typically priced at $293, but you’re saving so much money you might as well stock up on some delicious food to go with your grill using your savings. You might even want to consider a Ninja Foodi to go with your outdoor cooking prep. It is summer, after all. There’s no time like the present to Tap for a Blackstone Duo Grill at Walmart. It might be gone tomorrow.

Extend Your Summer Cooking Arsenal

Once your Blackstone Duo is purchased, you can get the rest of the summer kitchen package at places such as Best Buy (digital photo frames for Dad) and Irresistible Deals (cordsless vacuums, and air fryers). If you have a pulse, you’ll be able to find something for your home that’s on sale this summer.

Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking Game

The Secret to Perfect Summers

An awesome summer is all about having a good time with people you love while eating great food. You’re not buying a cooking appliance when you purchase a Blackstone Duo Grill. You’re buying an endless collection of breakfast, lunch and dinner sides and entrees for your outdoors adventure that is sure to make you the envy of your neighbors.

Tailored for the Season

It is a Blackstone Duo for everyone – the searing steak enthusiast, the hoppy, waffly pancake person, and the burnt-onions-and-bellpeppers enthusiast. Use the Blackstone and they will come, especially if you’re the one hosting. If that’s not Blackstone marketing at its best, what is? This is an outdoor summer cookout ‘thing’, for whatever that’s worth, but their Facebook page currently has 2.2 million followers. Every single person on that list has bought a Blackstone product, and lots of them have bought multiples. Is the world a better place with the Blackstone Duo? I’m not sure. But I’m not a marketer, in my world I’d rather have a fancy wood-fired oven, and as of now, all my friends are unwilling to spend the time to cook outside on a Blackstone. I still have friends, you can go buy a Blackstone all over the internet and at major retail outlets and, if you cook really well, everyone will love you and come over to your house this summer.

Conclusion: A Summer Essential at a Steal

Now is a great time to start planning for summer outdoor cooking and I highly recommend the Blackland Duo 17-inch Propane Griddle and Charcoal Grill – it’s on sale at Walmart for an amazing price! With the Blackstone Duo, you’ll instantly upgrade your summer cookout set up and will never regret it. Time to order it and bring home the Blackstone Duo – you’ll be glad you did.

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Jun 15, 2024
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