The Evolution of Blumhouse: From Silver Screen to Digital Dreams

Blumhouse Productions, the production company behind some of the most frightening films of the 21st century and an innovator in the indie space, is turning to the scariest form of storytelling there is – the video game. With an expertise in crafting modest horror stories that have captured the imaginations of audiences and critics alike, the studio is venturing into a new domain – video games – with the launch of Blumhouse Games on Summer Games Fest.

But now, under the leadership of its CEO and co-founder Jason Blum, Blumhouse is actually diving in headfirst by launching its own gaming publishing imprint to get its brand of indie horror off the silver screen and into the interactive digital arena.


Blownhouse Games – which debuts with six indie games to Blumhouse Games’ name, not one, led by head of design Steve Burke (creator of the horror game Five Nights At Freddy’s) – was set up with that very intent. ‘We’re approaching game development with a cinematic approach to breaking down narrative,’ Kang says, ‘and trying to revolutionise storytelling around narrative, music, visuals and cultural relevance.’

Here's a glimpse into the chilling array poised to redefine horror gaming:

  • Fear the Spotlight by Cozy Game Pals: I’m sure this one will be anything but dull. It promises a story about secrets and lies out this year.
  • Crisol: Theater of Idols from Vermila, an eerie exploration into the unknown.
  • Grave Seasons, by Perfect Garbage, for gripping gamers into a story of maximal tension.
  • EVER AWARE – SLEEP AWAKE, from EYES OUT, an Immersive Insanity Experience.
  • The Simulation by Playmestudio, a dive into the heart of chilling simulation.
  • Project C from Half Mermaid, rounding off the list with its mysterious allure.

And as Blumhouse’s first foray into gaming takes shape, the hype is building.

How Blumhouse's Cinematic Pedigree Influences Game Development

Using its proven formula for indie horror on games, Blumhouse Games aims to repeatedly provide experiences not only played but lived. Drawing on the years of storytelling that it has mastered while producing blockbuster hits, those same storytelling tools are now being applied to the creation of worlds with the aim of establishing a new standard for indie gaming. That overlapping of storytelling on play is what Blumhouse is banking will truly differentiate its titles from the myriad others in this hugely crowded new indie space.

The Proven Path: Blumhouse's Foray into Gaming with Five Nights at Freddy’s

Even before the launch of Blumhouse Games, the studio had explored the gaming arena with the adaptation of the smash hit Five Nights at Freddy’s into a feature film, one that was a cross-pollination of gaming and cinematic worlds as much as it was a straight-up adaptation: if Five Nights at Freddy’s is the blueprint Blumhouse has been using for these films, it gives an inkling into the type of work that Blumhouse Games will be able to explore.

What the Future Holds: Anticipated Impact of Blumhouse Games on Indie Gaming

‘It really sets the precedent for what Blumhouse Games could be – in a good way,’ Crane says. ‘And what indie gaming could be in general. It’s a big deal.’

Diving Deeper: A Look into Studio Endeavors

Instead, Blumhouse’s success in gaming is more of a reinvention – an expansion of what an indie game can truly be. By exporting its ethos to a wholly different industry, one that has never had the same level of indie innovation as film, Blumhouse can open up a space for an interactive narrative that blends gaming’s mechanics with storytelling traditions in a whole new way. Blumhouse Games is something we’ve never had before – a studio built from the ground up for the express purpose of creating a new kind of video game, one that we remember and affect us with the same resonance that unsettles us long after the last cutscene or board meeting has ended.

About Blumhouse Studio

Perched on the ideological crossroads of innovation and storytelling, Blumhouse Productions is nothing short of a indie film industry juggernaut. Known for reshaping horror with populist ‘elevated genre’ storytelling using low-budget production, Blumhouse is now poised to do the same for video gaming. By entering the gaming industry, the studio is rippling beyond its own history and reaching into the murky waters of indie horror and attempting to add tension, suspense and thrills to video games. As the studio embarks on this new frontier, it will potentially be the game-changer for indie gaming, with a list of games that could very well turn video games into a whole new type of interactive horror story.

Jun 08, 2024
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