Supercharge Your Internet: A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your DNS Server on Windows 11

You’ll never realise that you’re using it because it’s the unsung hero of your browsing. The Domain Name System, or DNS, translates those nice, human-sounding domain names like into IP addresses that your browser needs to fetch the web pages to show you. You might have never known, but the default DNS server your Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers you might not be the fastest or most secure one. Windows 11 gives you the choice to use your ISP or to select a DNS server that can speed up your internet and offer more security. In this guide, we’ll take you through the simple steps of changing your DNS server settings, and discuss the advantages of using GOOGLE DNS, CLOUDFLARE, and OPENDNS.

Understanding the Importance of DNS Servers

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how-to, let’s reflect on the vital role DNS servers play: they are the ‘phone book’ of the internet, directing your quest for knowledge to the right spot. ISP-set DNS servers tend to be slow and unsecured. Performance, security-conscious heavyweights such as GOOGLE DNS, CLOUDFLARE and OPENDNS await you.


Enhanced Speed and Security

Your browsing experience can be made much quicker (and safer) by using a DNS server from a big, international provider such as GOOGLE DNS, CLOUDFLARE, or OPENDNS instead of the server your internet service provider typically uses. These companies spend a lot of money on large, distributed networks of servers to make sure that loading times are quick and your browsing sessions are secure from phishing attacks and other problems.

Reliability That Stands the Test of Time

Besides speed and security, the performance of these type of services (these DNS servers don’t go down as often as your ISP’s DNS server could do) can’t be faulted either. In short, installing GOOGLE DNS will provide uninterrupted internet access.

How to Switch to GOOGLE DNS or Other Servers in Windows 11

Changing your DNS settings in Windows 11 will take only a few minutes, as the Settings app is well-designed to make it easy. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how I did it.

  • Open the Settings app by pressing Win + i.
  • Navigate to Network & Internet > Advanced network settings.
  • Click on your network adapter in the Network Adapters section.
  • Choose View Additional Properties.
  • Hit the Edit button next to DNS server assignment.
  • Choose Manual in the Edit DNS Settings menu and turn on the IPv4 or IPv6 setting as required.
  • Enter the number from your chosen DNS server in both Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS, then hit Save.

The good news is that, while we’ve focused here on Google’s DNS server, such a process will use whichever DNS server you happen to trust. You can use anyone’s DNS server.

Verifying Your New DNS Settings

At this point, you should test your DNS server to make sure it’s working properly. I use Windows 11, so you can verify your new DNS server by opening Network and Internet settings and clicking on Ethernet, then clicking properties. This should show you the DNS server that Windows is using.

Optimizing Your Internet Experience Further

After you’ve gone along to a faster, safer DNS server, you might benefit from utilities that are designed to find the fastest DNS server in a set. You can use NameBench (by Dave Meiser) or the GRC DNS Benchmark (by Steve Gibson) to tune the DNS setup even further.

Bottom Line: Making the Switch Is Worth It

Switching to a DNS server such as GOOGLE DNS, CLOUDFLARE or OPENDNS is a simple tweak that can have many upsides for Windows 11 users. All you have to do is faster internet, better security and more consistent service. The benefits speak for themselves. In just a few easy steps, you can start enjoying a better internet experience today.

A Closer Look at GOOGLE DNS

GOOGLE DNS is one of the best in DNS options for you, it can be considered the best because it was established for the purpose of making the internet faster and more secure for people all over the world. The main benefit of using GOOGLE DNS servers is the efficiency of their operations especially when compared with others. They are very fast. GOOGLE DNS boasts of various built-in security features and a global network of servers that can make your internet more secure and reliable. This networking solution from Google can help anyone who wants to add more speed to your internet connection. Whether you are just a mere internet user or a tech lover, knowing the role of a DNS server in boosting your internet connection and how to change your connection to a better DNS server will add more quality to your internet experience in the 21st century.

Jun 03, 2024
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