Unboxing Father's Day with Windscribe VPN PRO

With the concept of online privacy being the centre of attention in the modern digital era, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Father’s Day gift that taps into that ‘sexy’ issue and also helps your dad get the free and open internet he so deserves: a 1 year Windscribe VPN Pro Plan subscription. This Father’s Day, take the hassle out of searching for the perfect gift and give the present that not only says you care about your dad’s interests and security, but enhances his digital life as well: a 1 year Windscribe VPN Pro Plan subscription, now available at a discounted price on the occasion of the Father’s Day deals 2019.

A Shield Against Online Threats

If your dad is afraid of the internet (we hope not) or just careful about what he does there out of privacy concerns, this Pro plan from Windscribe VPN, which employs ‘military-grade encryption’ to protect your data and camouflage your IP address, would be an exquisite contraband item.

Why Windscribe VPN PRO Stands Out

Unparalleled Privacy and Security

Protecting user privacy and security is at the foundation of Windscribe VPN Pro, which creates an encrypted tunnel that you can surf through. Your dad must be busy keeping personal information private and safe with this military-grade encryption.

The World at Your Fingertips

Is your father the globe-trotting type? Windscribe VPN Pro is a virtual private network with servers in more than 69 countries, helping to break down digital borders so the user has the benefit of a borderless internet. It also features servers in Netflix US, Netflix Canada, and BBC iPlayer. This extensive server network makes it a great tool for anyone looking to browse the internet or stream geo-locked content from anywhere.

Seamless Multi-Device Experience

Speaking of the Pro perks, it's tough to beat Windscribe VPN's capability to run on a limitless number of devices. Whether your dad loves new gadgets and incorporates them into his lifestyle on a daily basis or merely wants the freedom of switching between a smartphone and a laptop, the Windscribe VPN Pro will be able to satiate his cravings as easily as can be.

Explore the Digital World with Ease

No More Ads and Track.cssors

Windscribe VPN Pro enhances user experience by blocking all ads and trackers across all devices. This speeds up browsing as well as makes it much safer, reducing unintentional malware downloads.

Always the Best Connection

If it’s speed and fully supported connectability your dad is looking for, Windscribe has got him covered. Its auto-pilot and time and location warp features (both available through its browser extension) will ensure that home is never out of reach, even when you’re on the move. With Windscribe VPN Pro, your dad can connect online without the fuss.

Commitment to Anonymity

Because even the humblest online service now demands information (an email address, at least) to open an account, the no-logging policy and lack of any requirement for an email address or even a username at signup for Windscribe VPN Pro represents an oasis in the desert of our increasingly identity-based digital world.

An Unbeatable Father's Day Deal

Today (for a Father’s Day special, seriously), you can get a one-year subscription to Windscribe VPN Pro for $49.97 (normally $69) – a great way to start your dad down the greased track of digital freedom and security. The offer ends June 9, 2019, at 11:59pm PT.

Understanding the Pro Advantage

Windscribe VPN’s Pro plan offers the best of everything: tunnelled connections, the highest level of encryption protocols, and an unrivalled global network of servers, catering for the subtleties of the modern-day surfer, so that your dad can have the very best online life.

For Father’s Day, do something different and give a gift that’s not only fun but makes your dad freer and safer online. A Windscribe VPN Pro subscription is not just a gift, it’s an invitation to a better Internet.

Jun 06, 2024
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