Get # HOME COURT ADVANTAGE: Celtics vs Mavs Game 3 Live Stream

With the Dallas Mavericks aiming for a comeback in Game 3 against the Boston Celtics, fans are eager for live action. The series returns to Dallas, escalating the excitement for Mavericks’ Luka Dončić and his team. Learn how to watch every moment live, especially from home.

The Quest for a FREE LIVE STREAM

Finding a free Celtics vs Mavs Game 3 live stream can be tough. Yet, networks like FuboTV, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Stream offer free trials with ABC, helping fans catch the game live.

Making the Most of Streaming Services' FREE TRIALS

Utilize FuboTV's seven day free trial to catch Game 3 and beyond. Alternatives include YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream, each with their own free trial periods.


For those without free trial options, Sling TV’s ‘Sling Orange’ package offers ESPN3, simulcasting NBA on ABC games, at an affordable rate.

Streaming From Afar: THE VPN SOLUTION

Geographical restrictions? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) like NordVPN can help stream the game as if you were in the US, despite lacking a free trial, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

CONCLUSION: The Thrill of Game 3 Awaits

The anticipation for Game 3 of the Celtics vs Mavericks series is unmatched, with strategies for fans worldwide to watch the game live, for free, without resorting to illegal streams. Discover your best option to witness the excitement.

The Essence of "HOME" in Sports

‘Home advantage’ plays a crucial role in sports, offering teams like the Mavericks extra support. This phenomenon can significantly impact game outcomes, emphasizing the importance of home in securing victories.

Jun 13, 2024
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