A New Dawn for Strategy Fans: Civilization VII Rises on the Horizon

2K has announced Civilization VII, the next instalment in its storied strategy franchise. The game was unveiled at the Summer Game Fest, to cheers from the gaming masses. The announcement comes early, with Civilization VII slated for a 2025 arrival, but that hasn’t diminished the excitement. Rookies and veterans alike have been waiting for the next entry in one of the world’s most beloved strategy franchises. It’s possible that this upcoming instalment will once again push the genre into new territory for PC, and perhaps consoles as well. Civilisation VII will carry with it a long history of gaming legacy.

Civilization VII: What Awaits Strategy Aficionados?

The promise of every Civilization game is that, if you play long enough, you’ll build an empire that lasts the duration of human history, and then some. From every detail that I’ve played so far, Civilization VII will continue Firaxis’s dedication to strategic nuance, AI complexity and immersive storytelling that’s been the series’ hallmark since its debut game in 1991.

The Road to Civilization VII: A Glorious Legacy

Before we look to the future, let’s look to the past. It’s been a long road from Civilization I to Civilization VI. Well, not too long. Gaming decades aren’t like regular decades, thanks to the somehow every-other-year (but not always) release schedule of Civilization games. While not quite a golden anniversary, it certainly seems special, and it’s clear over those years – and a couple incredibly popular spin-offs – that the Civ franchise has gone through both incremental and radical innovations, while consistently offering limitless replayability. Civilization VI was released on PC and consoles in 2016, and saw two complete expansions and many DLCs adding to the base game, breath and depth to the world-building and strategic possibilities. It would be in that mould of evolution, and expansion, that Civilization VII would be born.

Embracing the Future: PC and CONSOLES United

That announcement of Civilization VII that it’s coming to both PC and consoles is symbolic of exactly that ideal of accessibility and inclusivity of process. Namely, if you prefer to zoom in and enjoy the granular experience of mouse-and-keyboard control, then you can do that, as with the PC version. But if you prefer to zoom out with the comfort of a console controller, then that’s there too. Crocheting Civilization VII out of the fibres of cross-platform play promises a future for strategy gaming with no bounds.

From Past to Present: The Evolution of a Strategy Icon

Each iteration of Civilization has proven to be the product of its era; each has developed into a game that is a bit more advanced than its predecessor, that looks a bit better, and that is a bit richer in terms of narrative. By 2025, Civilization VII is expected to take advantage of the most advanced technology that gaming has to offer in order to create a visually impressive and strategically deep experience. Given that the next consoles are on the horizon, and PC hardware is expanding its abilities, the potential for Civilization VII to raise the bar for the series and the genre is great indeed.

The Heart of Civilization: Expansion and Exploration

The experience of Civilization games throughout history suggests that this will be the key to Civilization VII’s post-launch life, both in giving the game more replay value as expansions and DLC are released, but also in the excitement of discovering what new culture, technology, and mechanics have been added with each expansion.

A Legacy Renewed: The Anticipation Builds

In announcing the upcoming release of Civilization VII, the seventh iteration of one of gaming’s most storied franchises, we’re on the cusp of a new era in strategy gaming. But more importantly, we’re on the threshold of a reinvigoration of a creative vision that first captured the imagination of millions of players in the mid-1990s. From where it began to the way it may evolve in the future – to build, to conquer, to explore – that’s the spirit of Civilization.

Understanding Consoles: The Gateway to Strategy Gaming

Consoles have democratised strategy gaming. Civilisation VII will soon be available on both PC and Xbox. With improved horsepower and intuitive controls, modern consoles offer players a new kind of gaming experience that integrates well with the kind of strategic gaming twenty-somethings have been doing on PCs for the last 30 years. Civilization VII’s appearance on consoles herald It’s the beginning of a new era of strategy gaming – and why should it belong to PC gamers alone?

As for Civilization VII? It is not just a series announcement but a rallying cry for strategy gaming to come. When we return to measure its release in the October 2025 – and hopefully for PC and consoles both – the gaming community will be truly buzzing with excitement, because there is nothing else that deserves that spotlight as badge of honour. But that’s the legacy of Civilization – and, more specifically, its legacy of an expanding series. Civilization VI, for all its faults, is still an expansion, just like its predecessors IV and V. In the interim, the world has changed a great deal. However, this prospect of the dawn of Civilization VII promises a future wherein strategy gaming’s past, present and future converge on a path from the cradle of civilisation to the stars. And just as that path has long been the commitment made by design, so has it long been within the grasp of the strategy game player, the human history simulator, and the master of spaghetti monster empires in the cosmos. The strategy game of tomorrow is on its way.

Jun 08, 2024
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