Wrestling Wonders: An Inside Guide to Clash at the Castle 2024

As wrestling entertainment continues to reach audiences at a global scale like it’s never done before, WWE’s ‘Clash at the Castle 2024’ is an example to show that their product appeals to audiences all around the planet. Taking place in front of the iconic Castle of Edinburgh on Saturday 14 July, the event will be the first ever PLE to occur in the Highlands in Scotland and will continue WWE’s tradition of holding their premium live events (PLEs) all around the globe.

HOMEcoming Hero: Drew McIntyre's Quest for Glory

The sense of home pride is thick in the air when a native Scot, like Drew McIntyre, steps into the ring at OVO Hydro in Glasgow. Having won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 40 in 2020, McIntyre lost it just minutes later – an unforgettable moment that is being reprised as he sets his sights on redemption against Damian Priest. He’s expected to come up short on this occasion, too, but perhaps the third time will be a lucky – and satisfying – charm.

Tune In: Where and When to Watch

‘Clash at the Castle’ begins at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT on Saturday, 15 June and wrestling fans won’t want to miss a minute of the action. Reigning champ Roman Reigns is set to defend his WWE Universal championship title this weekend. Before the bell rings for those matches, the Countdown to Clash at the Castle preview show will begin at noon ET/9 a.m. PT on 15 June.

Exclusive Streaming on Peacock

Peacock is the home of the WWE in the US, and the exclusive home to WWE’s Premium Live Events. It offers a tiered pricing structure, with an ad-supported Peacock Premium tier ($6/mo) and an ad-free Premium Plus option ($12/mo) – both with a price hike planned sometime this summer (so subscribe now), with international fans getting the live events through the WWE Network at varying rates in each country.

Championship Showdowns Galore

Clash at the Castle is a blood-sport extravaganza where fortunes are made, legends are born and personal feuds are settled. It promises fans five title fights on the under-card, including the World Heavyweight Championship, the Undisputed WWE Championship, and more. Highlights include Cody Rhodes defending his Undisputed WWE Championship in a gory ‘I Quit’ match against AJ Styles, where the first person to say the words is disqualified and the title changes hands. In addition, Piper Niven will face off against Bayley in a WWE Women’s Championship match, guaranteeing another high-intensity, heart-stopping encounter.

Watch From the Comfort of HOME

Peacock plops Clash at the Castle in a fan’s lap, letting me happily watch it from the comfort of my couch Peacock’s Countdown to Clash at the Castle starts nearly two hours before the show, with commentators discussing how the previous night’s episode of Raw played into the card, offering predictions, and analysing every match breakdown. There is even a backstage segment with Gallego and Finn Bálor, a wrestler born in the Dominican Republic. This coverage is intended to build suspense as the clock strikes 3pm. But, like the typical Elizabethan viewer, I’m not inclined to wait. Peacock plops Clash at the Castle in a fan’s lap, letting me happily watch it from the comfort of my couch.

Pivotal Matches to Watch

The event's card is stacked with talent and compelling storylines:

  • World Heavyweight Championship: Damian Priest vs Drew McIntyre – This match has the strongest hometown vibe as Damian Priest faces off against the WWE champion Drew McIntyre.
  • WWE Championship — “I Quit” match: This will be a battle of wills, a fight until the men stands no more for Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles, and it’s the match of the night.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: Triple threat match for the best women’s wrestling teams in a hotly competitive division.

The Allure of HOME

Home is the overriding theme of ‘Clash at the Castle’, and although every wrestler’s story is compelling, Drew McIntyre’s return to compete in his native land is at the heart of it all. His achievement and pride is shared intensity between him and the native fans. This is about the emotional labour and global connectivity of wrestling as a shared human endeavour, and about why fans across the world will collectively tune in, if they do, and shout along with the crowd – wherever it is – rallying for their chosen Superstar.

The tapestry of WWE spectacles will undoubtedly be enriched by ‘Clash at the Castle 2024’, which will surely draw on all the elements inherent in a great wrestling night – competition, victory and defeat, along with the traditional fanfare, rivalries, costumes, stunts, drama, and sheer enjoyment. For many in the audience, it should even offer the added bonus of crowning a home-grown champion.

Jun 16, 2024
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