Unlock Your IT Potential: Navigate Toward Success with CompTIA Certification Prep

In the rapidly changing world of information technology, to enter a field or to move up the ranks often means you need to demonstrate your capabilities through a certification. And while a formal degree route is a well-trodden path to launch or advance a career in IT, it’s not the only way. Ingenuity can be just as much of an opening, sometimes for much less of an investment. And that’s where the CompTIA certification comes into view for the aspiring IT pro, but also for one already servicing the IT field. In what follows, we’ll look at one CompTIA online course bundle, available now for only $59.97 (regularly $800) until 5/31 – no joke.

Why Choose CompTIA for IT Certification?

CompTIA, a not-for-profit trade association, has targeted the IT industry for certifications and is widely seen as the gatekeeper to basics in IT. These certifications are not quite the equivalent of a degree, but they will get you an entry-level job, or can be the foundation for ongoing IT education. Organised to cover all the major forms of IT, CompTIA certifications mix breadth with depth.

OPEN the Door to a Wealth of Knowledge for $59.97

Here is an absolute steal for anyone looking to improve their IT certifications on the cheap. You can get this CompTIA course bundle from IDUNOVA through Tech Deals for just $59.97, which is a whopping 90% discount off the retail price of $585. With this bundle, you get unlimited lifetime access to 15 different courses (in total 262 hours of content). From the fundamentals of the IT industry to networks and servers, Linux and the basics of cloud computing – it’s all there for the taking.

What's in the Bundle?

But it is also far ranging in terms not just of topics but in terms of flexibility. Being open-ended means that people can start and stop, get ahead or be behind and study at different times to their own, which is particularly important for busy professionals or people who have lots of other interests. And when you complete a class, you get a certificate of achievement.

Manage Your IT Education with Flexibility

The biggest charm of this bundle is that of a student-centric learning where you can have open-ended access on your learning schedule. You can study when you want, the way you want as long as it suits you in life schedule, not the other way around. Be it in early morning or late midnight, if your rhythm is right with that, the bundle should be with it, not the other way around.

Prepare for Your CompTIA Exams with Confidence

Students have the necessary grasp of this bundle from concept to concept in every area, prepared to pass any CompTIA exam. And not only am I prepared to pass the exam, I feel confident knowing that every important foundation from network basics to cloud computing fundamentals has been covered. They’ve been taught all they need to know, and I can go back and review as needed.

OPEN Your Future with CompTIA Certification

CompTIA certification is an inflection point in your IT journey. Your skills, expertise and commitment to the field are all showcased upon passing these examinations. IDUNOVA CompTIA course bundle is the less trodden but equally revered means to get IT certified. For anyone who wants to progress their IT career or simply kick off their IT career, this bundle is your doorway.

Unlocking the Potential of OPEN Learning

‘Open’ has become a rallying cry in our brave new digital world, especially in higher education and professional development. In the world of learning, open stands for open resources, open courses, open onramps – for access without privilege.


Going to work in the IT area or progress further in it, regardless of which path you take, it needn’t be a matter of going to university and getting the necessary formal degrees. The world is open to people who want to learn and develop their skills, no matter the source of knowledge, as long as it is good and truly useful. You will find that CompTIA certifications are a real step into IT or further in your IT career, and with a package like the one above, it’s as simple as opening the door: you just need to step in.

Jun 03, 2024
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