A Culinary Adventure Awaits: "Delicious in Dungeon" Serves Up Season 2

Intro to a Gastronomic Quest: STUDIO TRIGGER Whisks Us Away

Deep inside the realm of anime, STUDIO TRIGGER has opened another delightful window with their series Delicious in Dungeon (also known as Oishinbo Dungeon), an action-culinary show based on the manga by Ryōko Kui (2020 winner of the Kodansha Manga Award for Best Shōnen Manga) and available on Netflix. The premiere of the series occurred in November 2022, and the announcement of a second season concluded the first run.

Feasting on Fantasy: The STUDIO's Recipe for Success

From STUDIO TRIGGER, the studio behind Promare and Cyberpunk Edgerunners, the story was so outlandish that it practically begged you to binge-watch the series. Delicious in Dungeon is both a love letter and a mind-melding blend of exploration and food culture. The central heroes here do both at once: a crack team of dungeon-explorers traipse through dangerous depths in the hopes of saving a friend from the fiery jaws of a dragon.

The Heart of the STUDIO's Creation: A Band of Delightful Misfits

At the centre is a band of adventurers, each a branded hero with a specialised role to play here. Our dwarf cook and inspirational leader Laios’s mission is to turn their monstrous foes into fine dining, while his wildly enthusiastic second lieutenant, Senshi, embraces the task of making the fattiest, sweetest, most bizarre gastronomical experiments he can out of their parts. Together, they charge dungeon level by dungeon level, aided and abetted by the absurdly hyperactive spellcaster Marcille, whose intelligence hovers somewhere between genius and idiot. But who cares? The group dynamic here is the point, and its charming, toothless humour is the series’ raison d’être.

A Savory Blend of Humor and Adventure Crafted by STUDIO TRIGGER

Its signature humour is ginger-ale-light, hearkening back to the glory days of Cartoon Network and adding a sprinkle of stygian darkness from the pit. Delicious in Dungeon will continue to surprise and delight viewers through its character-driven conflicts, building to a satisfying resolution. STUDIO TRIGGER’s adaptation features strong performances by the Japanese and English voice cast, and with episodes tailor-made to break at exactly 11-minute intervals, Delicious in Dungeon plays like a feast for any connoisseur of escapism.

STUDIO TRIGGER Sets the Table for Mainstream Success

Among the glut of anime that’s flooding the world this year, Delicious in Dungeon is one that seems poised to cross over into the mainstream, along the lines of a show like Spy x Family, which already has a healthy weekly release cadence (every Monday) on Netflix, and appears to be developing a passionate grassroots following as each new episode becomes available.

Savoring Every Bite: The Road Ahead for "Delicious in Dungeon"

With the first season ending at roughly the series’ mid-point, STUDIO TRIGGER has a wealth of plotlines to spin in the new season. Fans can’t wait to return to the dungeon for more adventures and epicurean indulgence. Let’s hope that, in the months ahead, this already-delightful series will tickle our funny bone, set our pulses racing and, of course, feed our souls.

Understanding STUDIO TRIGGER: The Magic Behind the Scenes

The studio’s signature style and experimentation is nowhere more apparent than in the success of Delicious in Dungeon. While STUDIO TRIGGER was founded on the idea of bucking the trends in animation production, it rarely strayed too far from its traditional roots. With Delicious in Dungeon, it proved that it could take on the world head-on. Delicious in Dungeon is a titan among anime; its entertaining visuals, dynamic orchestration and memorable characters solidify it as one of STUDIO TRIGGER’s most successful and popular shows.

To sum up, STUDIO TRIGGER’s Delicious in Dungeon is more than just an anime; it’s a work of art, an exploration of what makes storytelling exciting – and groundbreaking – while upholding the studio’s pride in making inventive narratives that are as original as they are enticing. As we wait for the next titbit in this culinary epic, we can all agree on one thing: the adventure has only just begun.

Jun 17, 2024
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