Unleashing the Future: How DELL Empowers the AI Revolution with AMD’s Latest Instinct Accelerators

When we talk about revolutionary changes in the realm of computational technology, Dell Technologies and AMD feature prominently. It is no different with artificial intelligence (AI). The latest developments announced at Computex 2024 is poised to set up a chain of disruptive events that will catapult AI performance and capability to new growth curves. We take a closer look at the centre of this storm, examining how Dell is able to deploy this technological marvel to power the AI workloads of tomorrow.

The Dawn of a New AI Era with AMD Instinct MI350X and Beyond

In AMD’s keynote, Chair and CEO Dr Lisa Su outlined a comprehensive, multi-generational roadmap for the Instinct accelerator family, beginning with the AMD Instinct MI325X, landing in 2024 Q4 with astounding memory performance and AI performance per dollar, and continuing in 2025 with the AMD Instinct MI350X, powered by the CDNA 4 architecture and a super-charged 35x AI inference performance increase over prior generations.

DELL: At the Vanguard of Enterprise AI Workloads

Dell Technologies, AMD’s main partner on the accelerators, is using them in its PowerEdge XE9680 systems for enterprise AI workloads. Dell’s leadership in this regard reflects its dedication to providing customers with the latest in performance and efficiency.

Bridging the Present and Future: AMD's Continuous Innovation

Their accelerators – AMD Instinct MI300X – are already deployed in various platforms from Microsoft Azure AI services to single-system, double-wide and clustered solutions from Supermicro. Seen in the context of time, these are overpowered accelerators. But the preview of the AMD Instinct MI400 Series, with the third generation of CDNA ‘Next’ architecture (2026), promises new dimensions of AI capability and efficiency.

Empowering AI's Next Frontier with AMD Software Ecosystem

But AMD’s ROCm 6 software is now central to realising the potential of AMD Instinct accelerators, with superior performance across all popular Large Language Models (LLMs), and designed to plug into AI frameworks such as PyTorch and TensorFlow.

A Unified Vision for Accelerated AI Innovations

Dell joins us and other leading players in AI, such as Lenovo, HPE, Supermicro, in accelerating AI research and applications … [While] building the world’s fastest supercomputer delivers world-class capabilities for scientific breakthroughs, our AMD Instinct accelerators will power emerging applications for scientific discovery.’ These companies are not just adding to the funding, they are shaping their vision into the future of AI.

The Journey Ahead: A Partnership Cemented in Innovation

At least as envisioned in AMD’s roadmap, supported by ecosystem partners such as Dell, AI’s and machine learning’s evolution starts to look like a continuous upward journey, with every new iteration of the Instinct family enabling more capabilities and providing great power efficiency.

Understanding DELL: A Closer Look

Behind every technological evolution, there is a combination of the right new hardware and deployment. This is why Dell brings together its own engineering leadership with AMD’s new accelerators to add to the AI toolkit. As a premier solution provider of the entire computing stack, Dell looks to build these advances into its products to meet the growing requirements of enterprise AI workloads with unmatched performance and efficiency.

The joint effort between AMD and Dell is more than just pushing the boundaries of hardware in the present; it’s about creating the artificial intelligence of the future, one where the possibilities are endless, and the potential of what AI can do is boundless. Today, AMD-powered Dell is not just part of the AI revolution; powered by the AMD advantage, Dell is leading it.

Jun 03, 2024
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