The PRO Guide to the Tenways CGO800S: Not Just Another E-Bike on the Block

This is the definitive analysis of the Tenways CGO800S e-bike, which, I concede, is an inaccurate way to describe the world’s latest must-have cycling accessory. Because this is no mere bicycle. It is more. It is less. It is the original e-bike that’s reinventing the soulless experience of cycling to bring us back to the kind of warm, contented, feeling-the-breeze sensation that binds us to our medieval forebears as few things do. Whether you’re a pro cyclist looking for an alternative to that clapped-out two-wheeler that’s never gotten you the sponsorship you crave, or a dilettante who’s been seduced by the e-bike hype that’s sweeping the emerging markets, this guide explains exactly what separates the CGO800S e-bike from the next e-bike.

Why the CGO800S Is A PRO Choice for Everyday Commuters

If you’re used to bikes fitting into the classic mould of the hobby, the Tenways CGO800S is not a bike at all, it’s the e-bike equivalent of a four-door sedan, the car of choice for the commuter. You could whip around the city streets, zipping from work to meetings without breaking a sweat in your business attire, thanks to its 350W motor. The first thing you notice is that the pedalling feels easy – you don’t feel like you’re riding a motorcycle disguised as a bike, you feel like you’re riding a bike. But the motor doesn’t overwhelm you either, it only helps along the ride. The Tenways CGO800S combines comfort and capability, but it doesn’t sacrifice looks. It’s fun, easy to ride, easy storage, and easy to maintain. For those looking to upgrade their commute, this is the bike you’ve been waiting for.

Embracing Dutch-style Riding: A PRO's Perspective

Riding the CGO800S, in particular, is akin to cycling with new eyes – it comes with that Dutch-style ethos of being comfortable and easy. It’s something you can slow down for, with a broad saddle and an upright, rider-friendly seating position. It comes with puncture-proof tyres and integrated lights, offering a relaxed and wholly legitimate alternative to ‘proper’ cycling.

The Journey to Getting Your CGO800S Road-Ready

It is an article of faith in the world of pro cycling that an excellent ride is a product of an excellent setup. No bike, not even the CGO800S, has a foolproof setup in box. The assembly of the CGO800S is in itself a rite of passage into the brave new world of portable films, an opportunity to spend some time becoming familiar with your bike before you subject it to your every whim and longing. Take your time, in other words, and – here’s another pro-tip – you might even want to crack open the toolbox. Start with the front cabling to see if it’s true, and then true the wheels.

PRO Insights: Riding Experience and Performance

The first thing you notice on this bike is its clean balance between power and agility. This bike offers a quiet, serene ride without the high‑powered rush that often accompanies sportier bikes. Single‑speed operation with five power modes makes the CGO800S fun and easy to ride for novices and experts alike, over a wide range of terrains.

Is The CGO800S The PRO's Choice?

While it may not be the first go-to in your head for an instant replacement for adrenaline and endorphin release, make no mistake that next to motion compensation, utility and commuting contenders for the Pro Class in e-bikes may well be thin on the ground. In fact, with the CGO800S, I am hard-pushed to fault the perfect combination of pragmatism, ease of operation, aesthetic and other that would make it appealing for work and other daily, reliable commuting.

The PRO Verdict: Embracing the CGO800S

In a market filled with ultra-high-performance, focused-on-the-almost-niche electric bikes, Tenways is hoping to carve out a niche on its own terms, driven by what’s important to most riders – comfort, efficiency and reliability, not jet-like speed or mind-bending performance. And maybe, just maybe, being pro isn’t about going as fast as possible, with as much technology as possible, it’s about enjoying the ride and what you experience along the way.

About: PRO

I use ‘pro’ loosely here not only to indicate that this reflects the outlook and disposition of a professional racer, but also because it can also mean ‘enthusiast’, as in the person who pursues the activity with passion and seriousness. I use it in the later sense here, for very personal reasons, but I’ll leave it at that. ‘Pro’ in this broader sense covers the attitude to, and approach to using, the Tenways CGO800S. It has to do both with appreciating the artefact – the bike itself and everything that went into bringing it to life – as well as enjoying the experience of riding the thing. It pertains to your place on the e-bike landscape, your stepped-up, professionalised disposition when engaging your CGO800S in the activity of commuting, or in the pastime of non-serious recreational bike riding. From trying out electric bikes as an enthusiastic rider, I’ve come to realise that they serve to elevate one’s position in the e-bike landscape. Whether you are a diehard human-propelled cyclist coming to e-bikes for the first time, or already an e-bike enthusiast, the CGO800S invites you to climb a few notches on the e-bike hill, to ride pro, as it were, to elevate your riding whether for commute or for recreation.

Jun 13, 2024
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