Dragon Age: The Veilguard (Astonishing Games): Take a Closer Look at the Cast on XBOX SERIES X

Embrace Adventure and Camaraderie with the XBOX SERIES X

And few announcements in the gaming world are as eagerly anticipated as those about a new BioWare game, especially Dragon Age, the third part of the critically acclaimed fantasy series that promises much more than a continuation of the story. It’s a return to a universe beloved by fans, and the chance to go on another adventure with a host of new companions to fight with – and possibly fall in love with. The power of the XBOX SERIES X can bring the visuals of Dragon Age: The Veilguard to a whole new level.

The Companions of "Dragon Age: The Veilguard": A New Fellowship

Each of these characters also possesses a distinctive skill set and backstory that players can explore as they go about the game. This means that a player-controlled Dragon Age character could be backed up in battle by a Dalish magical Elf, a Qunari brute with a musket and cannon, or even a gruff human mercenary. This gives the player many interesting options for how they can choose to engage with the game. Let’s introduce the companions you will meet (and hopefully romance) along the way – whether you’re playing as a female or male protagonist (to the latter’s credit, this is the first time that the Dragon Age series has offered that option).

Bellara, The Veil Jumper

The player control of a Dalish Elf, able to fire arrows and magic, is introduced to the mechanic of Veil Japping, which adds a new layer to combat gameplay and leads the player to new areas to explore.

Davrin, The Warden

Davrin, escorting a griffin, alludes to the ursine heritage of the Grey Wardens and their struggle with the ever-threatening darkspawn.

Emmrich Volkarin, The Necromancer

Emmrich is a Nevarran necromancer who unleashes the power of undead minions on enemies.

Lace Harding, The Scout

The ranger Lace Harding, a character players might have met in Dragon Age: Inquisition, subsequently returns to work as Talerep’s spy and bow-user.

Lucanis Dellamorte, The Mage Killer

The Antivan Crows’ resident human assassin Lucanis makes a living killing mages, so it’s safe to say that they have more than a few contortions to work out when Vaea shows up.

Neve, The Detective

Her ice magic and detective skills as a criminal scribe, rather than just a mage, make her a formidable contestant unafraid to dig in her magnets to find out what is really going on, if only to tilt the story to her advantage.

Taash, The Dragon Hunter

Taash, a new character in Dragon Age, is a hunter who uses her twin axes to kill the largest game she can find.

The Age of Dragons Flourishes on the XBOX SERIES X

For those players who want the best-possible experience for a game of ‘Dragon Age: The Veilguard’, they can rest assured: the XBOX SERIES X will deliver in the highest fidelity possible. Whether a newcomer or veteran to the series, the game’s fantastical world and inhabitants will appear as if no other gaming experience has ever before come to life; rendered with greater detail and smoother gaming, the power of the XBOX SERIES X hardware promises to make both of those things a reality.

A Journey Through Enhanced Realms

They’ll get that, and more, in the XBOX SERIES X|S versions of Dragon Age: The Veilguard, which will enhance the seamless experience by offering faster loading times, higher frame rates, and better visuals than in earlier versions of the console.

Revisiting the Past, Anticipating the Future

The XBOX SERIES X’s backwards compatibility trait means fans can reprise the older instalments of the Dragon Age series, giving ‘The Veilguard’ the necessary context for broad dramatic scope. Plus, the presence of all these titles on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate urges players to mine the Thedosian lore without the hindrance of additional purchases.

The Heart of Adventure: Exploring Companionship in "Dragon Age: The Veilguard"

This is what makes BioWare’s character-driven storytelling so distinctive and powerful in Dragon Age: The Veilguard. The companions are not just NPC hirelings, they are potential friends or enemies, rivals or suitors. They are elements of the world that players are encouraged to connect with emotionally. It draws you into the experience and its consequences, as it should.

The Powerhouse Behind the Adventure: Understanding the XBOX SERIES X

An XBOX SERIES X is not just something that’s going to run Dragon Age: The Veilguard on a TV. It’s an emblem of next-gen. It’s the best console you can get, the one that plays things at 120 frames per second (if your TV can show that), that loads levels almost instantly, that contains all of the game files and allows them to be streamed without lag or unresponsiveness, that lets you use a high-resolution texture pack, that means you can stare at every leaf on the trees because it’s all being rendered in real time, that carries not just one game targeted at a specific demographic but a whole massive ecosystem of imaginative worlds. When you play Dragon Age: The Veilguard on an XBOX SERIES X, by God, you live in it.

And now, with Dragon Age: The Veilguard almost ready for release on the XBOX SERIES X, the moment is nigh for fans of the series, and of RPGs in general, to embrace the next step in their catalogue from the same developers that brought life to the company and its in-game universe. If this next step is half as good as its predecessors, in terms of story, character depth, and sheer gaming power, players are in for a treat that’ll challenge, delight, and amaze from beginning to end.

Jun 14, 2024
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