The Revolution Continues: How Dyson's Supersonic Nural Redefines Hair Drying

When Dyson redefined the market for vacuum cleaners, then for fans and the iconicball, it was a stunning thing simply by virtue of how it looked and the sleeknurling or smoothness of its parts. It was like we had never seen anything like it before. Then, in 2016, Dyson changed the way we dried hair with the launch of its Supersonic hair dryer. It’s not just the design of the styler or the brand you are buying into with that price tag – the celebrity Dyson owners and the supermodels who use it to blow dry their hair for the red carpet – but actually the way that the hair dryer has been rethought, the novelty of repurposing the Outright motor to make hair drying a more enjoyable experience, leveraging power and science to improve the end result. But what about the new style of Dyson Supersonic Nural that’s just launched?


The original Supersonic was famed for its rapid drying power, which is improved here: for anyone with thick, coarse hair (like mine), drying time is halved without the risk of heat damage, thanks to this dryer’s punched-up motor and cleverly engineered accessories – including a patent-pending dual-mode diffuser for different curl patterns and textures. The Nural promises both speed and care for your hair.

Navigating the Price Increase with Ease

Yes, $500 is a lot for a fan. But the Nural has a lot going for it. Comparatively, at that price there really is nothing else out there on the shelves. It is worth the money because it works. Want things cheap? Get an old-school fan. Want things well done? Get Dyson.


This is only one aspect of its intelligent design: by situating the motor inside the handle, Dyson has counterbalanced the weight so that it feels light even when full of water, reducing the strain on the arm. The two diffusers and the presence of the setting dial tell us that every aspect of the design has been considered with the use experience in mind.

Aesthetic Enhancements for the Modern User

And perhaps even more than Roam, Dyson has been acutely conscious of aesthetics and user interface with the Nural: colour-changing lights let users quickly know the heat setting, and a clear back lets you see inside the device.


In addition to its physical features, the intelligent smartness of the Nural makes drying more efficient. Not only does the scalp protect mode automatically adjust temperature depending on how close it is held to the hair but there is also intelligent attachment recognition and memory settings for personalised experiences.

Transforming Hair Care with Advanced Technology

More than treating the user like royalty with high-tech amenities, Dyson claims that using the Nural will also save individual strands of hair from the ravages of high heat, bypassing heat damage to style any hair type and meeting the needs of multiple haircuts. Dyson has succeeded in differentiating the Nural hair dryer from all other options on the market by tailoring it to the diverse needs of our hair, underscoring its utility as a device serving hair as a whole, rather than merely styling our locks.


While Supersonic is still a great brush to have around, the upgrades in the Nural might be a good reason to upgrade if you have an older version, or you’re using a non-Dyson brush. If you’re looking for a one-shot speedy dry or you don’t particularly enjoy the act of hair drying, the efficiency of the Nural’s settings might well sway you with enough structural protection from heat to make its premium worth it.

Understanding the "MOVE" in Hair Styling Innovation

And in the end, I think it’s this innovation, this infusion of new features into hair-drying technology, that explains Dyson’s move. It’s a move that’s not about introducing new stuff for the sake of it; it’s about actually making the experience of hair drying better in the ways that matter: reducing the impact of styling on hair, saving time, and offering a universally comfortable and convenient experience for all hair types. Whether or not the Nural justifies its price-tag is a matter of opinion – a question of whether it’s worth the premium for your hair, and your hairstyling needs. For those of us who care about the health of our own, and other people’s, hair, their push to create faster, smarter and more protective hair drying is very welcome indeed.

But Dyson insists that his move isn’t for innovation’s sake – it’s to actually bring real benefits to your life, and justify the cost of that £330 Nural. If you’re a hairdressing professional who routinely operates for hours styling, straightening and blow-drying hair, then the Nural’s reinvention of what a haircare appliance should be able to do might well be the revolution you’ve been waiting for. But the same innovation could also be a godsend to those of us who just can’t face spending half an hour drying our hair every morning.

Jun 03, 2024
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