Get # Electrifying Conversations: Unveiling the Future of Travel with Dash Cams & EV Chargers

With the automotive industry revving up its pivot to electric vehicles (EVs), there is perhaps more voltage around sustainable travel than at any time in our history – and this time it is not just about the EV itself but the entire EV ecosystem including the requisite charging infrastructure and the life-saving dash cam technology that protects our trips. In a rollicking show for their fans on ‘Two Blokes Talking Electric Cars – The EV Podcast’, tech enthusiasts Stephen Fenech of Tech Guide and Trevor Long of EFTM light up the bright ideas that are blinking on the horizon. Here’s what turned them on.

The Drive Towards a Greener Future – NSW’s Electric Avenue

The NSW government is charging full speed ahead on an EV initiative to fast-forward the state’s EV golden age by installing more EV chargers across the state, and a big part of that initiative is deploying those street-side chargers. For people setting out with their EVs who don’t have their own off-street parking, this is a huge step forward that breaks through one of the main barriers to EV uptake. As Stephen and Trevor explained to me, this is a classic ‘feedforward’ and it helps the people already using their EVs as well as signalling to prospective owners how easy it’s getting to own an EV.

SAFETY ON THE ROAD - The Role of Dash Cams in EVs

As we discussed dash cams with Brad Hales at Uniden, he emphasised the heightened importance of dash cams as we navigate a brave new world of electric vehicles. Uniden’s pro range of HD dash cams is designed to record not only the journey, but to safeguard the safety and protection of EV owners. Dash cams can be a powerful safeguard against false claims, capture unforeseen incidents, and in many cases lower the cost of insurance premiums.

Why Every EV Owner Should Consider a Dash Cam

  • Peace Of Mind: A dash cam provides an impartial witness in an accident scene, with solid evidence to settle disputes.
  • Anti-Theft Mechanisms: Many dash cams feature parking mode, which enables the cameras to continue to record when your vehicle is parked, which can also catch hit-and-runs or vandalism.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums: Some insurance companies give breaks to drivers who have a dash cam, as it means that they are more closely monitored and therefore may be less likely to speed or drive recklessly.

ENGAGE AND ELECTRIFY - Your Participation Powers the Show

Catch a wave of eleclectricity by participating in the show, get in contact with the fans of the podcast and tell us what you think. We are always open for EV evangelisation, so feel free to ask any burning electric vehicle question, share a juicy tidbit or spread some good EV savy in general. EV evangelism is open season, you might just end up on our show. Are you an EV owner with an interesting story to tell about your electric vehicle? Perhaps you managed to plug your EV in a most unlikely setting or climbed the highest mountain and descended the deepest valley using only electric propulsion. If so, please contact us (text or WhatsApp) and tell us this story. Become a part of the electric mobility dialogue and add some voltage to it!

Tune In to Charge Up Your EV Knowledge

If you are keen to find out what the Two Blokes discussing electric cars are saying, simply listen to the “Two Blokes Talking Electric Cars” podcast available on the Tech Guide site, whether through the site’s audio player, or watching the Two Blokes live on YouTube.

A Platform for Electrifying Discussions

  • Anywhere You Go: Whether at your workplace or cruising with your EV in the far corners of the countryside, it is always there for you when you need it, providing you with info, laughter, and insightful EV tips.
  • Informative and Interactive: With panelists, guests and listener phone calls, this show is informative but with a fun twist.

DEMYSTIFYING THE DASH - More Than Just a Camera

EVs now belong in the middle of a healthy discussion about this technology and how it’s changing us. Dash cams are at the centre of it. But just what goes into those little boxes anyway?

  • Continuous Recording: Dash cams record during your entire drive to catch everything along the way.
  • Incident Detection: Many models offer sensors that detect sudden motion or impact, automatically saving footage of an incident.
  • Technical Features (GPS tracking, ADAS features and more): - Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) Features
Jun 03, 2024
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