Unleashing Sonic Bliss: A Guide to Elevating Your TV's Audio Experience

We all want a more immersive experience from our digital entertainment these days, especially when it comes to watching TV and films. And yet we also hear complaint after complaint about the quality of the sound in our modern sets. Why is it that you have to strain to make out the words, only for the next minute to be terrifyingly battered by an explosion of sound? The issue is far from uncommon, but there are some very easy ways to rectify your TV’s sound.

Finding the Perfect Balance: Navigating Your TV's Audio Settings

Enhance Dialogue Clarity

All that bass muffles more than just the music – pithy dialogue can be hard to hear, too. Don’t get bogged down trying to dig into detailed individual bass and treble adjustments. First, find your TV’s preset sound modes in the Audio or Sound menu. As you re-watch a favourite movie or TV show, cycle through these settings until you land on the preset that makes the dialogue clearest – whether it’s Movie, User, Standard and so on.

If the dialogue is annoyingly unclear, look for a Dialog, News or Speech Boost setting. Disabling bass-centric audio enhancements such as Bass Boost or Surround Sound might help too, as might a simple treble lift to make speech clearer.

Master Volume Leveling

Dynamic range compression, aka volume levelling, can be your new best friend. This reduces the difference between extremely soft speech and dialogue and extremely loud explosions, so you can hear the dialogue without sudden, loud bumps in the audio. It is also a great way to counter all those too-loud, triple-PlayStation-ad commercials that happen late at night.

The Game-Changer: Considering SPEAKERS

When TV Speakers Just Don't Cut It

Even after adjusting your TV’s audio settings, that might still leave you with unsatisfactory sonics, perhaps because your TV’s integrated speakers (designed to be out of sight, not hear) are less than stellar. Now is when external speakers come into play.

Soundbars and Soundbases: Your Audio Allies

A soundbar or soundbase can really boost your audio, working with your TV to give your music, films and TV shows a much richer, more immersive sound. Soundbars are thin, long, and you can either place them under your TV or behind it on your wall. Soundbases are fatter versions of soundbars, designed to slot under your TV and give you even more bass.

And for die-hard denizens of the talkies, the Zvox’s AccuVoice series of devices will sharpen the fidelity of voices, so you can hear every moan and murmur.

Choosing the Right Setup for Your Space

But deciding between a soundbar and a soundbase is just the beginning of your quest for sonic nirvana, as you also have to consider the room’s acoustics, any sound-absorbing furniture that might be present, and the exact features of the audio device itself. You want surround sound? Make sure that the chosen device offers something like a Dolby Digital surround sound format or DTS 5.1.

Conclusion: Embrace the Sound of Innovation

Otherwise, try fiddling around with your TV’s audio presets, and maybe adding a soundbar or soundbase to the mix – and you should have an even, warm, immersive sound that makes the most of your content, drawing you into every strained glance and exploding vehicle.


Speakers are the magic fairy dust that transforms your home entertainment from bland to brilliant. Either built-in to your television or sitting on top of a soundbar or soundbase, they are the channel through which actors’ voices find their place, the shades and spices of a soundtrack are layered in, and action scenes explode. Get them right, install them correctly, and your stories will come alive in your room with a rousing sense of connectivity.

Jun 13, 2024
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