Unleashing Creativity in the Digital Realm: The Rise of SUPERVILLAIN LABS

It’s just the latest in a series of new game features that will fundamentally change the landscape of gaming and technology. Web3 gaming studio SUPERVILLAIN LABS’ first Web3 game Eternal Eden will be published by Aptos Labs, the developer-facing Web3 ecosystem arm of the blockchain startup. It is funded by investors including Neowiz’s Intella X. The partnership will bring Web2 game features to the Web3 frontier. Eternal Eden promises to be the first instance of ‘full-stack play-and-own game experiences’, according to Aptos Labs. SUPERVILLAIN LABS is one of numerous teams of game developers focused on building out the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

A Strategic Alliance for Innovation

The Power Duo: Aptos Labs and Intella X's Investment in SUPERVILLAIN LABS

Both investors, Aptos Labs and Intella X, played key roles in the Web3 revolution, and both believe SUPERVILLAIN LABS has the right vision and potential – so both of them made equity investments in SUPERVILLAIN LABS. With Aptos Labs and Intella X as Co-Leads, the funding round is also supported by a broad group of investor friends who believe in SUPERVILLAIN’s future blockchain games, including Spartan Capital, Crit Ventures, Presto and Planetarium Labs.

Fostering a New Gaming Culture with Lil Snack & GamesBeat

Working with SUPERVILLAIN LABS – a group of talented creators, engineers and artists who ‘create immersive brand experiences for the next generation of gamers’ – the company also connects them with the content on Lil Snack and GamesBeat. In other words, it plugs gamers into a new type of community where videos and play blurs into a more immersive form of consumption.

Bridging Worlds Through Technology

Christie Lee Sheds Light on the Aptos Partnership

Christie Lee, the head of Korean partnerships at Aptos Labs, said: ‘We’re excited to work with SUPERVILLAIN LABS on this collaboration. The studio is great at using the familiarity of Web2 while pushing boundaries of innovation in Web3. Together, we’re building the future of gaming with Aptos technology.’

The Global Launch Vision

Following the backing, SUPERVILLAIN LABS is poised to debut its stellar collection of Web3 games on a global scale. Thanks to a deep understanding of both gaming and Web3, and a technical expertise for blockchain game development, the studio is poised to release a new gaming era.

A Trust-Centric Gaming Ecosystem

Revolutionizing In-Game Transactions and Rewards

The key to SUPERVILLAIN LABS’ approach is built around trust: we use Aptos’ on-chain tech to manage game items – and rewards – directly with the players, ensuring that the community and studio’s relationship together is more transparent and fair.

Expanding the Horizon with Intella X

Exploring New Avenues of Collaboration

However, the collaboration goes further as Intella X and SUPERVILLAIN LABS have entered into a strategic investment partnership that will effectively open channels to launch joint gaming collaborations and enable deep web3 integrations within Intella X’s ecosystem. Together, this will create a new generation of Web3 gaming.

The Leaders' Vision

A Commitment to Reimagining Web3 Gaming

In an email, Joseph Lee, CEO of SUPERVILLAIN LABS, wrote that the studio is ‘committed to building fun games that push the boundaries of what’s possible in web3.’ This commitment to fun is what Aptos Labs and Intella X are banking on. With them as backers, the SUPERVILLAIN might deliver an experience that could revolutionise the world of Web3.


SUPERVILLAIN is one of the world’s first gaming studios at the bleeding edge of the Web3 revolution, where gaming and blockchain technology come together to level up the way games are created, shared and enjoyed. The studio created a space where gamers can come together to share in some great fun – one where they are involved in the action, motivated to play, and rewarded for their efforts. SUPERVILLAIN LABS remains at the forefront of this exciting and fast-paced movement.

With the launch of SUPERVILLAIN LABS, the studio is helping to show us what gaming’s future looks like, but also what collaboration could mean in the digital age, illustrating the potential for pioneering ideas in the Web3 space through strategic partnerships and a commitment to make the world playable.

May 29, 2024
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