Puzzle Your Way to Adventure: Unveiling 'Arranger' - A Role-Puzzling Odyssey

Embark on a Journey Like No Other

Start getting ready for Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure, releasing next July on PC, Switch, PlayStation 5, and mobile platforms. An unconventional adventure-RPG, Arranger blends a sprawling role-playing quest with a series of puzzles about movement. Players will have to navigate the world by solving movement puzzles that use abstract relationships between seemingly unrelated things.

Slide into the World of Arranger

The landscape she traverses has the regularity of a familiar grid of sliding tiles that organises our world – but nothing else about it follows the rules of our own navigational intuitions. Any step Jemma takes will trigger the surrounding tiles to slide, and her ability to progress across and up the landscape is predicated on her ability to shuffle and make a sliding path. This unusual (and unrealistic) principle of navigation is just one way that Arranger’s designers give the player greater control over their decisions.

The Tale of Jemma

This is a story of discovery, of courage and of transfiguration. A natural misfit, Jemma leaves her domestic bubble for the first time to explore what lies outside. She is living in the grip of some strange, statis-inducing force, which she sets out to unpick and loosen. Jemma’s story is a tale of travel in all its varieties – outward, inward and upwards – to explore the world, with all of its wonders and terrors.

The Creative Minds Behind the Magic

Arranger is not a game, it’s a labour of love, created by the indie studio Furniture & Mattress, a homefurnishing gateway, which employs an unusually strong array of talent: the artist David Helman, best known for the acclaimed Braid, the writer Nick Suttner, who made Carto, the composer Tomas Batista of Per Aspera fame, and Nicolás Recabarren, the developer of Ethereal. All of them have put their nodes and loops to the service of creating a world as compelling as it is gorgeous.

A Game for Everyone, Anywhere

And Netflix will soon release the mobile version of Arranger – that is, if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you don’t even need to pay extra, as long as you have an active subscription to the streaming service. Ultimately, this means that more and more people can enjoy the magical and creative sensibilities of Arranger and other popular games – it’s great news, as this value should be shared.

Get Ready for the Adventure

Get ready for Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure. Dropping on 25 July, this game will turn the puzzle genre on its head, evolving the way we think about puzzles as well as role-playing games. Better mark your calendars and prepare for the adventure of your life.

Understanding the CHARGE in Gaming

CHARGE is a key word in games, referring to the energy or currency needed to perform an action in a game or unlock content. CHARGE is a key word in Arranger too, because it makes it possible for players to play the game on mobile devices for free, with a Netflix subscription. The effect of that is to democratise access to Arranger, and at the same time showcase the fact that games are no longer contained in isolated boxes. Players can now engage with an experience in multiple places. CHARGE ensures that Arranger can reach more players, expanding the gaming world.

Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure isn’t just a new game. It is an illustration of what can happen when creativity, innovation, and accessibility finally come together. In previewing its release, it is also evident that this game is prepared to lead the CHARGE, and to extend the frontier of games in the process.

Jun 08, 2024
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