Discover the Realm of Avowed: Microsoft's Latest Gaming Marvel

As a storytelling destination, the gaming ecosystem from Microsoft is one of the leading companies shaping gaming culture. As the avatar was born, the gamer has grown up, and the software itself has become more powerful, Microsoft has been at the forefront of some of the most iconic and genre-defining games of the past 10 years. Coming this year, on Xbox, is a dungeon-crawling role-playing adventure with open-world elements that will push the boundaries of the genre: Avowed, from the development team at Obsidian Entertainment and powered by Microsoft’s world-class gaming machinery, is the next jewel in the Xbox crown.

The Magic of Avowed: A New Chapter Begins

‘Avowed’ was wonderfully teased during the 2024 Xbox Games Showcase – in this case, by Obsidian Entertainment – with a trailer that pulled back the curtain. While cinematic teasers are by their nature eye-candy and selective, this one provided a tour through much of the story focus of the game: someone – or something – has sparked a quest to the Living Lands, an island full of mystery, danger and intrigue on a precipice of cataclysm.

Embarking on a Quest of Soul and Sword

The heart of Avowed is its tale, slowly revealed over time, as you as an agent of the Aedyr realm roam about on the backs of ill-tempered steeds, spreading a global plague, harbouring secrets that threaten to reduce worlds to dust. Described by the latest trailer, new adventurers will witness the Living Lands: ‘Can you save the island and yourself?’

Giatta: A New Ally in a Familiar Universe

There is an added joy that players have come to know Giatta, a spunky anti-cancer who knows more than anyone else about soul energy, and who is guiding the journey into solving the mysteries of Dreamscourge. Giatta is the kind of dedicated, cerebral and non-romanceable conversation partner that you might expect from an Obsidian game, and one that enriches between-battle travel across the world of Avowed as much as it underscores the exciting journey through it.

A Legacy of Excellence: The Promise of Multiple Endings

And Obsidian Entertainment’s intent to deliver a game that players will want to play more than once has been further underlined in recent confirmation of multiple endings for Avowed. That is just as well as the studio’s focus on deeply immersive, player-driven narratives is something that Microsoft clearly supports, keeping Avowed firmly embedded in the kind of open-ended, player-driven choice gameplay that they made their name on.

An Unrivaled Experience on Game Pass

As a flagship release, it gets to take advantage of Microsoft’s robust gaming ecosystem. You’ll be able to start playing Avowed the day it launches, available on day-one on Game Pass. Putting Avowed on that publication schedule is Microsoft doing everything it can to show that gaming is better when it’s on Xbox. Oh, mentioning that it takes place in the same world as Pillars of Einty? Well, you never know, you may get cross-over quests where you have to track down the descendants of the heroes of the previous game. Better polish the lore of your world for when Microsoft inevitably buys you too.

The Anticipation Builds: Eyes Set on November 2024

Though Microsoft claimed no release date at this June’s Xbox Games Showcase, much gossip points to 2024. Like Hogwarts to a child, rumours of release sometime around November – whose mere mention by insiders sends Reddit alight with newfound fervour and hype – pulses through all the veins of gaming.

About Microsoft

Microsoft is at the heart of ‘Avowed’s development. As a technology and gaming giant, it’s not for nothing that it has enjoyed a reputation for pushing the boundaries and setting the bar. In ‘Avowed’, Microsoft brings its clout to the development house Obsidian Entertainment, and via its Xbox Games Studio makes sure the studio’s creative vision finds an audience through gaming platforms like GamePass. Microsoft will accompany ‘Avowed’ around the world, backing the game that promises an RPG epic unlike any other and, hopefully, bringing large minutes of intense playing to a broader gaming community.

And ‘Avowed’ is just one part of Microsoft’s larger mission to fundamentally change gaming – a mission that’s based on innovation, inclusivity and a commitment to a community of gamers. In the months before gamers finally get to experience ‘Avowed’, Microsoft will continue to prepare the world for one of the most evocative RPGs ever made.

Jun 10, 2024
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