Unveiling the Sands of Time: The Creative Odyssey of Dune: Awakening

In an iDune-rised universe, where sand dunes tower taller than the world’s tallest skyscraper, and the air buzzes with the spice-scented mystery of the desert, ‘Dune: Awakening’ promises to be a novel vision of open-world survival MMO narrative. By taking the story of Frank Herbert’s legendary Dune saga as a starting point and reimagining it in the context of an alternate Dune reality, this game offers an intelligent, interactive, and engaging gameplay experience that should satisfy fans of the novels, while giving newcomers a unique spin on the story.

The Whisper of an Alternative Destiny

Without Paul Atreides: What would a universe without Paul Atreides look like?

The tides swirling around Arrakis move along a different timeline as Duke Leto Atreides survives, with the possibility of having a daughter who takes the mantle as Paul’s heir. This divergent path into the reality we know sets the stage for one of many new worlds to explore in Dune: Awakening.

Survival to Domination

At the edge of the galaxy, where no other living world could possibly survive, this game combines sandbox survival with the addictive PvP of a persistent MMO world. You can’t just rule the dunes where the spice grows. You have to fight for it.

Crafting a Unique Narrative

That’s really the spirit of ‘Dune: Awakening’ – it’s a story that we’re going out and telling because the terms have changed and things have happened and it’s a good story to tell with these actors and in this world and with these dynamics. The House of Atreides just goes to much greater heights. It organically pulls in all this lore but you’re not in the same story as the 23 books before it.

The Breath of Freedom in Creation

Funcom’s hubris to shape a new destiny for the Dune universe opens up endless possibilities for creativity. With so few plot threads constraining it, Awakening is likely to host new stories amid familiar faces, some of whom might be coming back from the grave. Fans would finally have a chance to play alongside their favourite characters as adversaries or allies, like Leto, who could once again walk the sands of Arrakis.

Eager Anticipations and Future Revelations

But as we approach a tipping point, there is still much we don’t know. The enigmatic ‘Dune: Awakening’ will make its first official appearance at the Gamescom show in August, when the game will begin trading in secrecy for hype. As virtual Spice enters the atmosphere, everything will become clear – well, somewhat clear – as we see the game’s latest mechanics in a lengthy gameplay demo, and perhaps even get to play the dunes for ourselves via a build before its release.

Joining Forces Across Platforms

The call to adventure rings out on Xbox X|S, Windows PC and PlayStation 5, and warriors, builders and diplomats alike can write their names on the stars with the wishlist on Steam. The challenge of surviving the desolate worlds of Dune with friends by your side unites gamers around the world. Spotting Dune: Awakening as the first video game wishlisted over one million times on Steam ignites that same fire.

An Odyssey Crafted from Visions and Dreams

Inspired by the lush visuals of Denis Villeneuve’s movies, Dune: Awakening is set in an alternate universe rich in the complex socio-political worlds of Arrakis itself. The promise to honour the spirit of Dune and give players a fresh way to experience it exemplifies how Funcom brings these worlds to life.

Open to the Winds of Change

Openness is at the core of Dune: Awakening: an open world, open narrative potentials, and an open invitation to players to impact the direction of destiny on Arrakis. The system permeates the game’s design and encourages players to participate in a shared world state, where every decision can shape history.

Discovering OPEN: A New Realm of Possibilities

Open: it’s a word that recurs in ‘Dune: Awakening’, not only for the sandbox open world it represents, but also for the open-ended nature of its narrative and gameplay design – in that, unlike most other MMOs, players aren’t bullied towards selling drugs or prostitutes, or savagely murdered by their peers, but allowed to roam the growing world of Arrakis and craft their own destiny by telling their own stories.

With the approach of ‘Dune: Awakening’, we are promised a portal into an open-world survival, strategy and diplomacy game about controlling planets, cultures and ecosystems, all in a new yet fundamental step of the ‘Dune’ saga. If your mind and spirit are sufficiently prepared, the untold ‘Dune’ story is about to unfurl before you on Arrakis.

Jun 08, 2024
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