Navigating the Vast Unknown: The Exciting Adventure Awaits in Starfield's Shattered Space

A New Era Dawns on XBOX SERIES X with Starfield’s Shattered Space Expansion

Starfield is going to be expanding beyond the confines of space in 2024 with an expansion delightfully called Shattered Space. The video of the Xbox Game Showcase is alive with hope, promise and wild anticipation for this expansion which will seem to take the player into a whole different universe of dangers, mysteries and content, quite a world to explore. Xbox Series X|S and PC gamers will be leaping into the unknown, no doubt taking full advantage of the immergence that is the potential of the next-gen console.

A Glimpse into the Unknown: Shattered Space Showcased

If the leak of Shattered Space didn’t excite you, the new trailer certainly will: as the expansion starts to reveal more areas of alien, organic life teeming through its slightly bouncing, colour-heavy scenery, it becomes clear that Starfield’s monochrome use of planets won’t be the only thing to undergo a visual overhaul. With its hints at the mysterious House Va’ruun, the expansion’s narrative promises to be more complicated and focused than ever before. The trailer alone promises lightning storms, ghostly apparitions and armies of alien creatures with enough quirks to keep players running in the other direction.

A Journey Awaits: What to Expect in Shattered Space

A teaser for Shattered Space intergalacticises the situation: ‘In the capital city of Dazra on their secret homeworld, a strange energy is answering a long-forgotte... [Content truncated for brevity]

Tonight's Surprises and Beyond: New Content Rollouts

There are some highlights to enjoy before Shattered Space even launches. Tonight, players can access a whole lot of content to keep them entertained, including bounties, locations, gear, and a lot of stuff for their Creations (which, if you’re not familiar, are customisable items that ship owners can upload and share). This screen captures the design of the Origins Starship in Shattered Space.’ This feels like an extended version of the love Skyrim and Fallout 4 brought to fans of the expansive modding capabilities, except now it’s for space – and free. This is another bonus of the Xbox Series X.

The Expanding Universe: 2024 and Beyond

Scheduled for release in 2024, the Shattered Space expansion for Starfield will be a coming-out party for Xbox Series X|S and PC gamers. It’s more than new places to visit and alien monsters to slay: it’s a statement about what an expansion can be – not an add-on or an afterthought, but a new adventure that stands on its own while improving the base game. That’s exciting news for players who own the Deluxe Edition – free access is included – and for every other gamer who wants to go some place they’ve never seen before.

The Future Is Bright: A Time of Anticipation

Shattered Space is due for release in the coming months, but anticipation is already building for it. The expansion is a major evolution of Starfield’s world, but it is also an exemplar of the strengths of the Xbox Series X. Whether they have recently played the game, or are now ready to...

Jun 10, 2024
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