Unveiling the Power Within: The Forceful Saga of 'Star Wars: The Acolyte'

In a galaxy very, very far away, the excitement about ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ is building to a fever pitch. The series – a two-episode premiere will be released on Disney+ on 4 June this year – has been billed as having a new voice and perspective on ‘Star Wars’, at last, drawing on the rich prehistory of the High Republic era, about a hundred years before the events of The Phantom Menace, making two of the four series announced around this event. Lucasfilm has already released five character posters and teasing info on the new protagonists – including Jedi masters and Padawans – and the conflict and mystery with which the Force surrounds them.

The Guardians of Peace and Justice in the FORCE

Jedi Master Sol: A Beacon of Light in the FORCE

Lee Jung-jae dons the robes of Jedi Master Sol, his eyes peppered with wisdom and respect earned. His use of the Force, his ability to be fierce in battle, is matched by neither his anger nor his love, but by his unquestionable compassion, his resolve to defend the accused, the marginalised, the innocents. He is a Jedi charged with equilibrium, his passion tamed by his Jedi ethos.

Jedi Master Indara: Commanding Presence with the FORCE

Played with steely intensity by Carrie-Anne Moss, Master Indara is a model of mental and physical excellence, who exudes an extraordinary gravitas leavened only by the clarity of her harsh discipline which enables her to force the issue, if not the opponent.

The Path to Vengeance and Discovery through the FORCE

Mae: A Quest for Retribution Empowered by the FORCE

There’s Amandla Stenberg as the always alluring and no less enigmatic Mae, whose own personal, bloody backstory propels her towards the very centre of horror and another kind of conflict altogether: revenge. Mae’s story is one rooted in determination and a will to destroy those who have done her wrong.

Wookiee Jedi Master Kelnacca: The Solitary Guardian of the FORCE

Played by the Finnish basketball player Joonas Suotamo, Master Kelnacca is a bit of a mystery – a Wookiee Jedi who had chosen to live in the jungles of Khofar alone. What was it that caused him, or any giant Wookiee, to shun the company of others?

Jecki Lon: The Promising Apprentice of the FORCE

Dafne Keen plays Jecki Lon, a Padawan with surprising gifts, yet measures of maturity beyond her years. Keen’s stillness and wisdom, as the potential new Jedi, seem poised between the familiar still waters of Jedi calm and the tumultuous tides of the Force.

The Acolyte: Unraveling the Force's Mysteries

Star Wars: The Acolyte promises the classic mystery of a terrible spree of crimes, to be solved by Jedi Masters confronting the villains who beat them in a previous life! All this invites a lens onto the Force that invites a meditation on its dualism and its eternal struggle between the light and the dark.

The FORCE: Understanding Its Mystical Power

The Force – an all-permeating, mystical energy acting upon all things – has long been at the centre of the Star Wars saga. It braids together the galaxy; it’s accessible to those who can hear the summons. It is balanced between Light and Dark, and it ultimately manifests the destinies of the characters. How and why it exists will be illuminated in The Acolyte, and what its possibilities – and limitations – can be, and what it asks of those holding the power.

The hype continues to grow for Star Wars: The Acolyte, which premieres this year. With new characters to fall in love with, a new mystery to solve, and the morality play of the Force in all its complexity, The Acolyte is sure to be the next new Star Wars series you won’t want to miss. Find out what new stories are waiting to be told about Jedi Masters and Padawans as they grapple with the complexities and opportunities of the Force.

May 29, 2024
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