Unleashing the Power of AI: ASUS and the Revolutionary Ryzen AI 300 Series CPUs

The future is here! You can now experience computing with AI integration, as personal computers are about to enter the new age since AI-integrated laptops are available in the market and you can now buy them. While AI-integrated laptops are here, how powerful and efficient is the Ryzen AI 300 series that will be used. Brands such as ASUS are among the first to embed these chips into new ultra-thin and light laptops. This article presents Ryzen AI 300 series and how ASUS is leveraging this technology to introduce the new intelligent computing era.

The AMD Ryzen AI 300 Series: A Leap into the Future

AMD has officially launched its entry into the Copilot+ class of PCs with the Ryzen AI 300 series family of CPUs, the company’s first Zen 5-based chip. It’s the most powerful integrated CPU ever made, with double-digit performance improvements over the previous generation of CPUs inside of the same process node. This includes an enormous integrated GPU and a dedicated raytracing Radeon Core with up to 16 compute units (and a monster integrated GPU) depending on the Ryzen 300 series model. And that’s only the beginning.

ASUS Embraces the AI Revolution

Consumers and enterprise-level users alike are eagerly waiting for tech products featuring the new AMD Ryzen AI 300, unveiled in July. Once these processors are available in ASUS products, such as laptops, desktops, gaming devices and workstations, users will get to experience the essence of a new, versatile, and intelligent PC. ASUS’ tradition of putting the latest tech into its products will ensure every user receives impeccable performance, accuracy and comfort.

Power and Precision: The Heart of Ryzen AI 300

Taking a closer look at the specs, AMD offers two Ryzen AI 300 chips, the Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 and the Ryzen 9 AI 365, to suit different kinds of users. The former comes with its highest-performance Zen 5/Zen 4C core configuration, with 12 cores and 24 threads. The latter is an alternative, with a slight reduction in performance to ensure the balanced use of power and efficiency. AMD Ryzen AI 300Our state-of-the-art chips allow for the fastest AI-integrated computing performance. All our AI chips are equipped with 16 mobile AMD RDNA3 GPUs with high efficiency, energy efficiency and power efficiency. Our AI-Powered Display Screen and AI-Powered Laptop also achieve fast read-write performance. Thanks to our powerful chips within a compact physical framework, we are able to provide users with the fastest AI computing experience before our competitors. We are proud to be at the forefront of AI-integrated computing processors.

Built for the AI Era: A New Benchmark in Computing

AMD hasn’t been subtle about its sensitivity to AI; witness its Copilot+ initiative for starters, and then its move to the 50 TOPS (yes, tera-operations per second) second-generation Ryzen AI, or XDNA 2, a new benchmark for the industry, now passed. Already, AMD and ASUS have charted the course to a future in which your PC could deliver the full gamut of Copilot+ experiences.

The ASUS Impact: Redefining the User Experience

For users, the moment is equally significant as ASUS is incorporating the Ryzen AI 300 series into a slew of new devices such as the ZenBook S 16, ProArt P16 and ROG Zephyrus G16, enabling them to experience a boost to AI conversation capabilities and enjoy the pain-free generative AI experience on graphics-heavy apps.

AMD Ryzen AI 300: Beyond Benchmarks

Even if performance metrics on the Ryzen AI 300 series offer only a partial and delayed perception of its potential power, the way humans live will be affected. AMD’s new technology makes the experience of gaming even better, and comes with the kind of boost that makes this kind of computing achievable only with the new Intel Core Ultra 185H.

Exploring ASUS: A Legacy of Innovation

ASUS has led the way in innovation for as long as we’ve been covering cutting-edge tech. Whether it was building the first generation of netbooks, kicking off the gaming-laptop revolution with the Republic of Gamers (ROG) range, or the focus on quality, performance and user-centric design that has made it a leading PC brand, ASUS has always surged ahead.

Embracing the Future with AMD

This technical partnership with AMD also lent ASUS a futurist edge, with its Ryzen AI 300 series. In using both AMD’s latest processors and its new adaptive AI engine, ASUS is again aiming to bring the users closer to an AI-infused experience. ‘The Ryzen 7 processor’s architecture is designed to understand you, your needs, preferences, and the challenges you face,’ says the US branch’s website. It is aiming for its users to have a companion, not a device. For ASUS, that futurist edge is a blessing and a curse.


The introduction of AMD’s Ryzen AI 300 series, of course, shines the brightest of all and, in the company of ASUS, has become a historic moment in the evolution of personal computing, especially now that we’re entering the AI age. Already seeing a taste of what the future of computing will look like, I’m embracing the ‘exascale’ concept between AMD’s processor and ASUS’s design philosophy. I can only imagine what ASUS can do with Ryzen AI 300 processors in their upcoming laptops. One thing’s for sure. The future won’t just be smart; it’ll be transformed.

Jun 03, 2024
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