Beyond the Veil: Imagining the Future of Apple's VISION PRO at WWDC 2024

Ever since the Vision Pro’s debut into society, Apple’s introduction to the spatial computing era has been a glimpse into our future. Now, with WWDC 2024 looming, there is so much speculation about what Apple could add or improve about the Vision Pro that would transform it from a gimmick to something that could become ingrained in our daily lives. From better integrating the Vision Pro with other devices to creating a deeper immersion in the content experienced, here are the changes that could truly transform our future.

Pro Integration: Unlocking New Realms with VISION PRO

The Harmony of Apple Ecosystem

Among the most anticipated advances on the roadmap for the Vision Pro is better integration with the iPhone and iPad. For many folks, the biggest current pain point is that the headset can’t be used while the iPhone is in the user’s pocket; anyone who wants to access their phone has to take their headset off. So imagine if it becomes possible to have a full-resolution, frame-perfect mirroring experience for the iPhone and the iPad, breaking down the barriers between the different devices in the Apple ecosystem, so that even the mobile device feels like an integral part of the experience. That would allow people to increase their productivity even further, all while being woven deeper into the ecosystem, without ever having to set down the headset or open the iPhone.

From iPhones to Apple Watch: Expanding the Spectrum

This expression of the vision of device integration is another fascinating one related to ‘device mirroring’: if the Apple Watch keeps displaying notifications or lets users control media through a mirrored display on the wrist – which they already do – the Vision Pro becomes just a lot more valuable and useful as a primary view for all of one’s personal technology.

Native Vision Pro Apps: Bridging the Content Gap

One area where the Vision Pro needs to develop is in its app ecosystem. The approach of just using iPad versions of apps feels like a transitional measure. The availability of native Vision Pro versions of apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify would greatly improve the experience, and make the device a better productivity and entertainment platform. Taking on developers could unleash a deluge of creative and innovative apps, and transform Vision Pro into something that reflects the diversity and dynamism of the real-world needs and wants of users.

A Symphony of Sound: Audio Innovations

An underheralded but much-welcome improvement would be audio casting to external speakers and home theatre systems. As good as the Vision Pro’s onboard speakers are – and they’re very good, combined with the headphones’ audio channeling – they lose out to a dedicated speaker system, whether it’s an Apple HomePod or some state-of-the-art surround sound. Add airplay-enabled audio streaming to the device, and the aural aspect of the experience will match the visual spectacle, fully immersing the user in the multimedia experience.

Forging the Future: WWDC 2024 and Beyond

Vision Pro: The Prologue to a New Era

The Vision Pro alone is a promise of more to come, a harbinger of the future as Apple sees it. If the announcements at WWDC 2024 are a glimpse at what could be, then the Vision Pro, far from a terminal destination, is only the first stop on a new road through the technology of the future, where experiences and gadgets are not merely our servants, but in some senses our own creations.

Exploring the Pro in VISION PRO

At the most basic level, that ‘Pro’ in ‘Vision Pro’ isn’t just about professional-grade hardware or software. It’s about a new way of perceiving the digital world, the dream of an electronic ambience that would break out of being a technology that we view through our screens or gadgets. The dream of a world where the technology is the world, wrapped around us as a substitute for the haptics of lived experience. Where it is the lens through which we now experience reality itself. The Vision Pro isn’t just a device; it’s a portal to new worlds, new experiences, and new possibilities – a tool that, given the right upgrades, might one day allow you to hack reality.

Jun 08, 2024
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