Brand New Possibilities at Computex 2024 – What to Expect from ASUS

The world of technology and innovation surrounding PCs is constantly evolving, pushing boundaries and setting new bars for what we expect from our hardware. The pace of change is a gradual one, yet brings with it some pretty drastic changes to how we interact with our digital lives. The Computex 2024 trade show was no exception to this rule, and no part of it felt this shift more than the stunning PC cases presented by Corsair. ASUS played a crucial role in this and other innovations this year, and we're here to take you on a guided tour that explores how the company finds itself at the bleeding edge of PC design and innovation through the Goliath 9000D and the Nimble 3500X.

The Behemoth Unveiled: Exploring the GOLIATH 9000D

PC accessories legend and hype-generator Corsair was at Computex 2024 to unveil its newest offerings. The Goliath 9000D is the follow-up to the legendary air-conditioner-sized 1000D full tower system. This isn’t just a full tower with a full system installed inside the tower, but it can hold two full systems together that inhabit separate PCs. You can now set up your streaming rig or OBS server, for example, and have it run in a different system without bogging down your main rig. It can also support up to three DIY cooling loops and has some massive radiator mounts that will allow for the most chillest chills.

A New Era of Mid-Towers: The NIMBLE 3500X

Introducing the 3500X at Computex 2024 introduced a new notion of what a mid-tower case can do. The contemporary design with its pillarless front-left corner offers a breathtaking 180 degree view of your hardware components, while bringing practical considerations into the design – it’s perfectly suited for large GPU cards, just check out the ASUS Strix RTX 40-series (sold separately) – and its architecture accommodates the latest backside-connectivity formats such as the ASUS BTF showcasing how ASUS is leading the way in embracing the wider tech ecosystem.

Seamless Integration with ASUS Technology

It’s impossible to not notice the internal ease of ASUS technology in these cases. In this 3500X, it’s exactly the communication between brands that makes for new designs that can house the latest and greatest in hardware; the cutouts and room for large graphics cards ensures that the ASUS components fit the current landscape of PC cases.

Optimizing Airflow and Aesthetics

Both the Goliath 9000D and Nimble 3500X employ Corsair’s InfiniRail system, which lets you move your fans around to get optimal airflow. It’s a sign of the attention to detail evident in many of its cases. With Corsair’s iCue Link for lighting and fan control, you can tweak the look and performance to perfection.

What This Means for ASUS and PC Enthusiasts

The Corsair x ASUS collaboration was a landmark moment for PC enthusiasts, with a focus on compatibility that finally acknowledges a world full of high-performance parts. This included components such as the ASUS Strix RTX 40-series cards and the compatibility specifications we’ve come to know as backside-connectivity formats, like found in the ASUS BTF. It’s not just about beautiful function, but also about the technology that brings these parts together. We’re finally getting somewhere with building not just high-performance, but also high-synergy systems.

The ASUS Influence: Beyond Just Hardware

And so, as we toast the end of Computex 2024, it’s worth remembering that ASUS isn’t a PC component manufacturer in the traditional sense. It is a driver of innovation within the wider tech ecosystem, a vital cog in the engine of commerce, and proof of the wonders that can be achieved when a company forms the right partnerships and refuses to settle for second-best. Whether it’s pushing the bleeding edge of gaming with its graphics cards or cracking the digital future of connectivity, the company is innovating and ensuring that those who use its products have an unparalleled experience, both in terms of speed and style.

About ASUS

Based on the core value of innovation and quality game-changer products, ASUS has become a world-leader in the technology industry in terms of motherboards, graphics cards, monitors and an extensive line of PC peripherals and components. ASUS leads the industry through its continuous innovation and commitment to quality and is recognized as the top-to-bottom gaming expert by enthusiasts worldwide. With a global community of millions, ASUS equips its users with the tools needed to become pioneers and change-makers in the world of technology.


Ultimately, however, ASUS’ presence at Computex 2024, in partnership with Corsair’s newest cases, proves that this is not all just for show. Rather, it is a display of the future of PC building and, by extension, the future of technology. A future that, with some tweaking, can still focus on an ideal of progressiveness, usefulness and beauty that has driven good PC builds for generations. With the right focus on innovation and function – and a dose of style – the next frontier of computing is one that ASUS might just continue to lead us on to.

Jun 06, 2024
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