Unlocking the Mysteries of Indie Gaming: A Voyage Through IGN's Summer of Gaming

And just like with real feelings or real written works, there’s anticipation for releases that promise some new idea, some new story to delight and possibly break our hearts. As always, the IGN Summer of Gaming has been a precursor of things to come. It’s been a treasure trove of upcoming games that will lead gamers into wholly new digital lives. The highlight of the event, as always, is the indie.io (formerly known as Freedom Games) showcase, in which fans wait with bated breath for announcements of up-and-coming indie games.

Discover New Worlds: indie.io Lights Up IGN Live

At the same games conference, IGN Live in San Francisco, indie.io – an eminent site for indie developers – announced a slate of games that will take us to new scraps, new lands, new secrets, new challenges, deep inside the Bermuda Void, on the Bermuda Void’s island of Everholm, and via the moon.

Embark on a Journey of DISCOVERY: The Games That Stole the Show

Forgotten Seas: Dive Into Adventure

In Forgotten Seas, you can discover the endless ocean of the Bermuda Void. Build a ship, sail the seven seas, and fight off pirates. Forgotten Seas is available now on early access.

Everholm: Uncover The Mysteries

The second, ‘Everholm,’ invites you to “join Lilly on a journey of discovery” as “the world awaits.” The minimalist RPG looks like it’s about to open up a world of wonder and adventure – though it might simply be an empty, blank box calling out to be clicked. Which narrative will unfold through the game? You can add Everholm to your wishlist and find out.

Dark Deity 2: Command Your Destiny

Based on the popularity of its predecessor, ‘Dark Deity 2’ is a turn-based strategy RPG where you – the player – dictate the outcome. Will your choices forge the world into a place of oppression and inequality, or will it become a land where prosperity and kindness rule over? With 20 playable heroes and 45 classes to choose from, find out.

Immortal Hunters: Battle The Apocalypse

In Immortal Hunters, you fight monsters that dwell deep, while exploring a side-scrolling action RPG about a potential hero that could save civilization from destruction.

The Haunting of Joni Evers: A Creepy Quest

Enter the first-person psychological thriller ‘The Haunting of Joni Evers’, and experience it from the perspective of Joni, as she finds out if small-town gossip can really be that disturbing in Harvest, Oklahoma. What haunts her, and will you understand?

Intriguing Titles to DISCOVER

There were a lot of intriguing titles at the indie.io showcase with the promise ‘Come discover more’: ‘SoulQuest’; ‘Chronomon’; ‘World of Football’. All quite different experiences – fill a world with monsters and help them rebuild? Precision skill-based soccer? Go on a Celtic myth-inspired quest?

Discover More About indie.io

The story of indie gaming would be worse for the loss of sites such as indie.io, where you can go to learn about new indie titles that are being punted by a service that has morphed from Freedom Games into a community that embraces the independent developer.

IGN’s Summer of Gaming has shown that indie games are still vibrant and full of potential. We can’t wait to play all these games: the gaming horizon is bright with new worlds to discover. Every time, from the tense, taut-faced ‘The Haunting of Joni Evers’ to the twee, touching ‘Echoes of the Plum Grove’, the story and the world have all been quietly waiting for an absorption all their own, to bring another shade to indie game’s splashy palette.

Overall, indie.io’s IGN Summer of Gaming showcase has laid down a challenge to the gaming world. There are so many interesting, diverse and exciting games on the horizon, the next few months are going to be a blast. With fan anticipation at an all-time high, we can’t wait to explore these worlds for ourselves. But with so many options, the only question left is: which adventure will you embark on first?

Jun 09, 2024
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