## Analyse This: New NZXT and NVIDIA PC Building Goodness

PC building enthusiasts and hardcore techies are always looking out for anything new that will help boost the performance of their gaming and workstations. Thankfully, a few especially well-known companies like NZXT and NVIDIA are constantly coming out with new revolutionary products to help drive the PC revolution, with products that can help builders create a stunning machine that can not only look amazing but be efficient in power as well. We are going to talk about several of these products from NZXT and NVIDIA that are changing the future of PC building.

## The Revolutionary H7 Flow Case by NZXT

As the PC-building world anxiously awaits the release of the new NZXT Panzer oil-cooled case, NZXT has struck again with another refreshed flagship case, the H7 Flow, debuted at Computex 2024 and available for pre-order before its launch in late 2024. The new iteration of its popular mid-tower H-series case keeps the familiar dimensions and simple lines of its predecessor, but adds a redesigned dual-chamber layout with an open slot where a power supply unit (PSU) shroud might once have gone. That open slot allows for a sleeker look and better airflow to feed the proposed 10 fans – including options for massive top and front-mounted radiators, up to 420mm in size, to allow for high-performance cooling. NZXT has been aggressive in its attempts to maximise airflow through its cases while simultaneously trying to reduce the clutter and mess of cables.

### Introducing the F-Series RGB Core Single-Frame Fans

Going alongside their updated case designs is the new F-series RGB Core single-frame fans for PC cooling, which seem to be the game-changer we’ve been waiting for. One 8-pin cable is all you need to make these fans work – not only for RGB connection, but also for PWM – which will not only save you time in installation, but also space from cable clutter. The fans are available in sizes 240mm, 280mm and 360mm. All the sizes are engineered for high static pressures and optimal airflow, which gives these fans a whole package of aesthetics and performance. They’re only available in white and black.

## Powering the Future: NVIDIA and NZXT's Latest Offerings

If you’ve been around computers for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of NVIDIA; the company still leads in graphics cards and power efficiency. NZXT’s new C series ATX 3.1 power supply units are fully compatible with NVIDIA’s RTX 40 series GPUs, which use NVIDIA’s 12VHPWR connector for the boost power, and they come in 80 Plus Platinum and Gold power efficiency ratings for a range of power needs from 850W up to a beastly 1500W. You can find one that’s right for your high-powered build.

## The Nexus of Performance and Aesthetics

Without a doubt, NZXT and NVIDIA have responded to the current desires of the PC builder with a growing demand for high performance, reliability and aesthetics, and an ability to deliver them. The innovations mentioned above are clear examples of how both are rising to the challenge. With the redesign of the H7 Flow case and new F-series fans from NZXT, we are constantly striving to create a beautiful equilibrium of both form and function. Meanwhile, NVIDIA’s contribution to the new C series PSUs ensures a commitment to power efficiency and compatibility at the core of your build.

### Embracing the Future with Confidence

As technology continues to improve, you want to be sure you’re selecting the right components for your gear, because the best stuff can help to future-proof your investment. Thankfully, NZXT and NVIDIA are at the top of the game, so whatever you choose will help you build a PC to match today’s performance and design standards, and ready for upgrade and expansion down the road. So don’t hesitate to build the best PC possible: the innovations from NZRCT and NVIDIA provide the tools to do it.

## NVIDIA: Powering Innovation

NVIDIA, well known in the world for its groundbreaking graphics cards and GPUs, still sets many of the trends in technology of today. The next-gen performance of NVIDIA’s RTX 40 series GPU being supported by NZXT’s latest line of PSUs is proof that the power behind the RTX graphics series complements the performance. NVIDIA’s continued drive to push the limits of what’s possible in gaming and computing provides users with the power to make, game, and work unleashed.

### Conclusion: Crafting the Ultimate PC Experience

The process of building a PC can be part art, part science, part puzzle and sometimes downright slapstick. It takes an eye for detail and a knowledge of technology. In this official guide, brought to you by PC Gamer and our partners at NZXT and NVIDIA, you’ll get a look at the very latest products and solutions in an evolved quest to create the PC experience of your dreams. With NZXT and NVIDIA in your corner, you’ll have access to a suite of exciting new products aimed at transforming the PC experience, and elevating it to a new state of the art.

The future seems secure, though, thanks to the constant innovations from companies such as NZXT and NVIDIA. No matter if you’re building your first computer or upgrading your existing one, your path to the perfect PC will be smoother, faster, cleaner and more enjoyable than ever before.

Jun 06, 2024
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