Unveiling the Future of Space Adventure: Inside XBOX SERIES X's Upcoming Starfield Expansion

The Next Frontier: Exploring the XBOX SERIES X Epic, Starfield: Shattered Space

Starfield’s universe has just gotten bigger with Bethesda’s announcement of its first paid expansion, titled Shattered Space, raising the galaxy’s stock among gaming devotees. The first expansion for the new game from Bethesda Game Studios, Starfield is already a critical hit on XBOX SERIES X|S and Windows PC. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s next for one of the biggest launches on XBOX SERIES X.

Year 2 and Beyond: Starfield's Ambitious Roadmap

It’s an ambition that was echoed a few months later, when Bethesda Game Studio’s longtime director Todd Howard told journalist Angelo Caracciolo of CNET: ‘We have a whole year two in our minds for Starfield, or you might hear it as “After Shattered Space, we have more stuff coming.”’ As IF fictions have shifted from the disconnected novel to the multifaceted universe, so too will the gaming realm: with Starfield‘s inclusion in Xbox Game Pass, access to that universe just grew, as more and more XBOX SERIES X|S owners join, linking up to play along. X marks the spot. The future of Starfield is only just beginning.

Diving Deep into Shattered Space

Where Shattered Space differs from the base game of Starfield is in its focus on a single, mysterious city that should deliver a far denser, more detailed experience of exploration. ‘This not only changes the pace of your gaming experience, but also gives a different layer and depth of storytelling that you wouldn’t get by just wandering around the galaxy,’ Howard explains. If you’re curious to unlock the secrets of Shattered Space, keep your fingers crossed, because it could be coming to your XBOX SERIES X soon.

Starfield's Continuous Evolution

Since it launched, Starfield has received updates to make this experience even greater, such as 60 FPS support on XBOX Serie X. In addition, the Creations app and Creation Kit now give players the opportunity to extend their experiences within Starfield’s universe. As soon as this commitment has been made, it’s impossible to imagine to withdrawal from it. Starfield on XBOX has the potential to continue to improve and grow with more DLC, features and updates. XBOX SERIES X users who love Starfield should be excited for its future.

More Than Just a Game: A Galactic Community

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Starfield is the community that has sprung up around it. Last month alone, more than 25 million players logged into Bethesda titles. That’s a nice way for the company to coax another game into the XBOX family. It’s also a reminder for those who enjoy a good sci-fi world to keep one eye on Bethesda’s patch notes, expansions and other additions.

What's Next: The Horizon of Starfield Expansions

With Todd Howard saying there could be more expansions for Shattered Space beyond the first one, Starfield’s future is secure enough for now. Already, its most recent trailer for this new expansion oozed with something darker and more sinister than what you’ve played so far, reminding you that this isn’t just another story- arc. It’s a different game and it exists beyond the story’s themes. This should hopefully move the narrative forward enough to keep things fresh, but also make the experience unique for the gamer who wants a different kind of sci-fi journey on XBOX SERIES X.

The Heart of Innovation: XBOX SERIES X and Starfield

XBOX SERIES X continues to lead the charge of innovation in the gaming industry! This focused coop between Bethesda Game Studios and XBOX SERIES X|S has enabled Starfield to look and play better than ever!

Exploring the Universe of XBOX SERIES X

The XBOX SERIES X is the fastest, most powerful and largest console on the market. It can handle just about anything you can throw at it. It’s a do-everything machine. With its powerhouse specs, it delivers an all-new experience of gaming, and that extends to Starfield. Players can expect to play not only Starfield, but a broad swath of the XBOX SERIES X’s best experiences.

Conclusion: Stepping into the Future with XBOX SERIES X and Starfield

With the flight of Starfield on XBOX SERIES X underway, as it enters into its second year, the hype surrounding its sequels, the Space RPG Shattered Space, and XBOX’s future as the creative and technical driving force in interactive entertainment remains as fresh now as it was in 2022. Starfield on XBOX SERIES X awaits.

Jun 17, 2024
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