Get # Into the Undead Future: State of Decay 3 and the Evolution of its Studio

Games press and fans are dreading with the excitement that only a State of Decay sequel could stir. Undead Labs has caused a sensation by teasing a new trailer for State of Decay 3 as part of the Xbox Games Showcase in June 2024. The release date for the game is still uncertain, but Undead Labs’ latest glimpse into the apocalyptic universe it has created promises that great games are in the making. Since finishing development on the original State of Decay, Undead Labs has re-emerged from the ashes of the Xbox Indie rebellion as a triumphant studio success story, now a dependable provider of high-impact Xbox exclusives like State of Decay 2 and a whole lot more.


Studio Evolution: UNDEAD LABS' New Identity Shines Through

Undead Labs logo redesign, from its own blog. Taking centre stage in State of Decay 3’s announcement, however, is Undead Labs’ new logo, a redesign that reflects its transformation. A partnership with the branding maestros at the Seattle-based firm 51 Eggs produced an emblem that reflects the core of Undead Labs in the form of a skeleton key, emblematic of their flagship franchise’s zombie beginnings. Philip Holt, the studio’s head, shared that he wanted the company’s visual identity to be more than the undead, suggesting broader horizons ahead for the studio.

The Haunting World of State of Decay 3

The trailer itself is also a peek into a brutal new future where a red-tinged, supernatural survivalist fantasy is intertwined with the gameplay. This place is more fantasy than reality: State of Decay 3 sits within a strange part of the zombie survival genre space adjacent to Redfall – but with its own bleak, beautiful animus.


Undead Labs: From Indie Beginnings to Xbox Luminary

Since the studio’s formation in 2009, State of Decay has been the bread and butter for Undead Labs, with the two games of the eponymous franchise released in 2013 and 2018 respectively. The studio’s reputation for creating rich, zombie-infested worlds has only grown with each iteration. The acquisition by Microsoft last year following the release of the sequel solidified the studio as one of the first-party developers for Xbox.

The Quiet Before the Storm

There was a long time after State of Decay 3 was announced in 2020 in which all the fans could hear was a deafening quiet, but the recent showcase turned that on its head, reigniting the community’s love for the game and setting us up for what could be the most ambitious entry in the series to date.


A Glimpse Into What's Next

Still no official release date for State of Decay 3, but it’s coming someday to PC and Xbox Series X|S. In the meantime, fans of the series can check out the thriving modding community of State of Decay 2, which can extend the lifetime of the series by adding depth and interest.


Embracing Change and Innovation

It’s not surprising, then, that State of State 3 sees Undead Labs planting its flag a little more permanently in the future, adding new logos to its collection and its upcoming game’s zombies with a literal supernatural leap. That responsiveness will likely be a quality it takes with it in future projects, helping to keep it nimble and always looking for ways to push creative envelopes.


It’s at this point, I think, that it’s worth looking under the hood to see what makes the studio thrive. The evolution of a small indie into a flagship developer for Xbox has been built on a culture of innovation, a thorough knowledge of the zombie genre, and an openness to change. The commitment to innovation is demonstrated by the 51 Eggs partnership that helped created the studio’s rebranding.

Undead Labs offers a thrilling tale of following your passion and creativity to new heights, one that leaves us eager to see where State of Decay 3 takes them next, and where it sits in the annals of gaming history.

In conclusion, Undead Labs is leading us into the future – with its upcoming release, and beyond. State of Decay 3 promises another compelling and epic entry in this studio’s leading series while also promising innovation and further genre-pushing evolution. The gaming world stands ready for Undead Labs to show us what’s next, and we’re ready to jump into the next age of zombie survival.

Jun 10, 2024
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