# Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019: Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac on Sale for the Lowest Price Ever

It’s that time of year again: Father’s Day! Fathers are the center of our universe and deserve our deepest gratitude for the role they have played in our lives. If your radar went a bit dim on this occasion coming up fast, don’t panic. The digital revolution has super powers, and when it comes to last-minute gifts for Dad, it comes to the rescue in a big way. It is abundantly thoughtful and surprisingly useful. Take, for instance, the current Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 deal for Mac. It’s on sale for an uncanny $29.97 (it’s normally priced at $229), at least until June 10. But more significantly – it is an upgrade to Dad’s digital arsenal that will delight him with its user-friendliness.

Why Microsoft Office 2019 is the Perfect Gift

Enhanced Productivity at His Fingertips

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac for Dad. Helps with productivity. The whole package - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook - fulfils multiple needs. Whether it’s drafting a key document, juggling the family budget or creating a compelling PowerPoint presentation to win over that new client or impress your sister-in-law with your random knowledge of X-ray crystallography, Microsoft Office gets Dad the job done with an air of aplomb.

More Than Just the Basics

Along with the core apps, Dad also gets more apps including OneNote and Teams Classic 2019: OneNote is his note-taking home with notes, meetings, ideas, to-dos and reminders.Teams Classic 2019 is a unified experience where completing tasks and connecting with colleagues, contacts, and family throughout the day is possible.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

The appeal of Microsoft Office 2019 over the subscription offerings from Microsoft is its one-time purchase price. With the purchase of $29.97, Dad gets lifetime access to the Office suite. No annual fee, no monthly payment, just working into perpetuity with independence from software licensing – if and when his Mac lasts. His birthday gift will last for years to come.

How to Snag This Amazing Deal

Unbeatable Value Until June 10

And time is of the essence, as the sale runs only until 11:59 p.m. PT on June 10. The whole process is absolutely painless — no shipping to worry about because it’s a digital purchase. Just head over to The Mashable Shop and buy Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 for Mac (through the Chip Halcyon promo code), and the software will be yours (or rather Dad’s) for life.

The Perfect Gift for the Dad Who Has Everything

As Father’s Day approaches, it’s hard to find a gift that’s both poignant and useful, but Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac is up for the challenge. It’s not just merely software. It’s productivity. It’s creativity. It’s organisation.

Don’t Let This Deal Slip Away

For all you dawdlers out there … slower than a snail … make no delay. Father’s Day is on the way, and whoa Nelly, for a limited time, only $29.97! Who could frown upon this for a gift to Dad if he is upgrading his setup, and by that I do mean a software package, one at that price! He can’t go wrong. If he’s starting over, even better. Being the low, low cost of less than $30, he’ll have everything he needs to succeed.

About Microsoft

Operating as a technology company, Microsoft has been leading the way in producing products that shape the experiences of billions of users across the globe to empower them to do more. Microsoft is best known for the Windows operating systems and Office productivity software suite, now inclusive of Microsoft 365, cloud computing services through Azure, Surface tablets and all other hardware, and many more services. Microsoft’s products and services are designed to help you and your organization achieve more. The company is guided by the core values of security, innovation and accessibility.

And to wrap it up, Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 provides a gift that both Dad and you would appreciate and use. It’s unlike any other Father’s Day gift that you can buy.

Jun 10, 2024
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