Unlock the Gift of Learning: A Splendid Father’s Day Duo with Studio Excellence

With the role of technology going far beyond a mere addition to our lives and instead becoming a critical foundation block underpinning every aspect of our existence, the method of gift-giving has itself evolved into something more innovative and insightful. This Father's Day, offer the tech-savvy dad something to inspire him in the digital realm and give him the means to do it. Introducing the perfect Father's Day purchase: Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022 and the 2024 Learn to Code course bundle, all wrapped up in a deal so thoughtful it gives 'thoughtful gift-giving' a whole new meaning.

Why Opt for the STUDIO & Learn to Code Combo?

Unleashing the Power of STUDIO

In the middle of the bundle is this big programme – Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022 – which gives you a 64-bit tool: an integrated development environment (known as an IDE) for doing big coding projects. And it has all these tools, menus and icons for turning large coding projects into something that feels like a simple, collaborative, highly productive, not terribly scary thing. STUDIO wasn’t just going to be a program for writing code; it was going to be a way to build code that is tested, debugged and converted into applications running on the web, on mobiles, on desktops, and in the cloud.

Embarking on a Learning Journey

The 2024 Learn to Code course bundle is the second part of this gracious gift, to those daring to begin or to continue a coding lifework and a lifeway. It contains 15 courses for those hungry for coding knowledge, from being able to code your own behaviours on ChatGPT to knowing Python, C++, JavaScript, Google Assistant automation, and even creating games.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Together, this set (which costs only $52.97, until 9 June) is a real ticket to a sustainable learning journey, spanning the journey from initial discovery to skill and dare-we-say-it, certification. In a sea of techy presents, this combination of raw utility and discoverysm is simply unparalleled for geeky dads.

The Seal of Flexibility

And what makes this gift especially appealing is that its flexibility is built in from the beginning. STUDIO and the Learn to Code bundle work for beginners as well as those who already know some code. It will fit with your dad’s skill and speed, and help him learn while he’s there at home.

A Long-Term Companion in Tech Adventure

You’re gifting a Father’s Day tech package with knowledge that lasts — it’s not a gift that disappears with the setting sun. With the included kit of tools and life-long knowledge, the path paves itself for a lifelong career in technology, where every second spent learning how to use new tools or code is a step toward mastering the digital space.

STUDIO: The Heart of Digital Creation

At the heart of this marvellous box is STUDIO - a catch-all term that represents much more than just an IDE for coding. It is an environment for creativity, where thought makes itself manifest through lines of code. And STUDIO, in the form of Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022, is also a place where tech-savvy minds can meet, whether it’s when working alone or together on shared projects involving making, learning and discovery within the digital realm.

If you’re looking for something for dad for Father’s Day this year, why not give him something to experience besides a random item he’ll never use, something that will help him learn about the latest in technology, and also, something that will challenge him to grow and expand his horizons all at the same time. The Microsoft Visual Studio Professional and 2024 Learn to Code bundle says exactly that – this gift is not about the number that shows up on the price tag, but about the adventure that it might launch. The ultimate story that this testimonial wants to tell is the story of one person who wants to honour the tech geek dad in his life.

Jun 06, 2024
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