Unleashing Creativity: Discover the Perfect APPLE Stylus for Your iPad in 2024

While your fingers can be just as important as your hands – especially when digital artistry and pinpoint note-taking are as important as musicality – sometimes the stylus can be your masterpiece. The iPad stylus is an accessory that turns your iPad into a sketchpad, notepad and design studio at the same time. With the Apple ecosystem constantly improving iPad-stylus synergy, finding the right one for you in 2024 is more fun than ever.

A Stylus for Every APPLE Enthusiast

The Crown Jewel: APPLE Pencil (2nd Gen)

Talk to people about styluses for iPad and the Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) will just about always be the one that shines brightest. A stylus that charges wirelessly, it blends seamlessly with its host device. Some versions of this stylus offer features with Apple’s Double-Tap command, pressure sensitivity, and iOS palm rejection, which allow you to easily switch tools, change brush sizes, control the undo gestures, and even erase without the pesky palm rejection. And while the Apple Pencil is expensive, it often goes on sale, and always comes at a discount.

The Innovator: APPLE Pencil Pro

Apple’s innovation quest to make it useful culminated in an Apple Pencil Pro that coincided with the launch of the new M3 and M4 iPad models. With squeeze gestures, the ability to do a barrel roll, and compatibility with Find My, it provides a new standard of what’s possible with a digital pen. The stylus works only with the latest iPad Air and Pro models.

Beyond APPLE: Diverse Choices for Every Creator

The Adonit Note+2: A Pressure-Sensitive Prodigy

If you’re looking for the Apple Pencil-like functionality but beyond the Apple ecosystem, the Adonit Note+2 certainly delivers. Its pressure sensitivity and palm rejection are on par with those of the Apple Pencil.

Jamjake Stylus Pen: Budget-Friendly Brilliance

The Jamjake Stylus Pen is for users who don’t want to pay extra for a pen but don’t want to give up quality. With its fast charge and long battery life and its fine pen-like tip, the Jamjake Pen is precise and reasonably priced.

Logitech Crayon: The APPLE-Approved Alternative

Available for only around a third of the cost of an Apple Pencil, the Logitech Crayon is one of the best-priced styli using Apple Pencil technology. It features tilt technology, and is very comfortable to use.

Zagg Pro Stylus: The Dual-Tip Dynamo

The Zagg Pro stylus leads the way in offering the best of both worlds with its dual-tip design that suits everything from app-navigating to fine sketch-work.

Adonit Log: The Eco-Friendly Option

Adonit’s Log stylus is made from recycled materials, yet it offers excellent battery life and delivers fast, lightweight performance.

Selecting the Best APPLE Stylus for Your iPad

Tailoring Your Choice to Your Needs

It’s the most personal choice you can make. What do you really need from a stylus? Tilt recognition? Battery life? Value for money? There’s something out there for everyone.

How We Arrived at Our Recommendations

Our choices are the result of comparisons between many different features, interactions, and user feedback to help you make a most educated choice.

An Ode to the APPLE

Apple’s ecosystem sets the standard for seamless integration, coupled with gorgeous design and tech that’s in an era of its own. The best examples of the company’s forward thinking are some of its most simple and elegantly designed products: the iPad itself, next to the myriad styluses that complement Apple’s brand of creativity. Looking to 2024, the Apple Pencil and its competitors are not mere hardware – they are gateways.

No matter if you’re a painter, a doodler, a note-taker or something else entirely, there’s an excellent, affordable stylus waiting for you to use it. And if you’re on the Apple Mac side of things, you’re in luck – the sky’s the limit.

Jun 13, 2024
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