Solving the SAMSUNG-Google Meet Conundrum: Your Ultimate Guide to Fixing Crashing Messages

As with the tech world, sometimes great innovations and silly bugs come hand in hand. A few weeks ago, a lot of Samsung users were plagued by a weird issue. Suddenly, the native Samsung Messages app kept crashing. It turns out that something no one could have predicted was at the root of this problem – Google Meet. Did your Samsung apps start crashing all of a sudden? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today I’ll try to figure out what actually happened and share a few tips to fix your Samsung apps.

The Heart of the Matter: SAMSUNG Messages vs. Google Meet

Samsung fanboys were supposed to spend their final hours with the Galaxy Note 7, and instead the most reliable way to contact others was to launch the pre-installed Samsung Messages app. Then someone would see the message, tap to respond, and… the app would crash. What the heck could be wrong?

Unraveling the Mystery: A Google Meet Update

Using a process of elimination, we discovered that a setting update last month in Google Meet for video conferencing had somehow inexplicably started to conflict with the Samsung Messages app. The reasoning wasn’t clear, but the solution was: turning off or removing Google Meet seemed to temporarily fix the app crashes for those affected.

Temporary Fix: Saying Goodbye to Google Meet (For Now)

In the days of total catastrophe, those users who wanted to be reunited with that functionality – if only temporarily – forewent Google Meet and ceded their instant communication to their Samsung Messages app. The key takeaway here is that sometimes the solution to our digital conundrums can be the simplest among them all.

Official Response and Permanent Solution

Seeing the gravity of the situation, Samsung alerted users via its forums and promised an instantaneous fix, while Google released a new version of the Meet app for conflict resolution: We’re not sure who’s sleeping with whom, and to be honest, we don’t really care because the new Samsung phone fixes the crashing problem forever. Updating your Google Meet app via the Google Play Store means the crashes will go away for good.

Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

For now, the episode reminds us how deeply modern apps are intertwined, and how what seems like a routine update could have unexpected consequences. The disparate tech titans also need to respond quickly to such problems, working together in solidarity.

The Power of Community Feedback

We can’t underestimate the important role that the user community played in both identifying and investigating this problem. Affected users were able to congregate online and share information about apps that were failing to work, and worked with scientists to actively test hypotheses. Even if our computers are in the cloud, the process of defining and solving problems can begin in a crowd.

Looking Ahead: Embracing the Digital Future

While the case of the Samsung Messages crash is extremely unusual, it does present us with an important challenge in a world that is becoming more closely and inextricably integrated through technology. It challenges us to be alert, and to communicate and cooperate with users as well as developers and tech companies.


Samsung is a leading global company in digital media and technology that inspires the world and shapes the future with innovative ideas and technology. Samsung embraces people’s diversity and aims to provide users with a new mobile experience and smart lifestyle through its products and services that are subject to constant development and user-oriented improvement. Samsung transforms challenges into chances to make our opportunities greater.

Ultimately, this battle between Samsung Messages and Google Meet illustrates the logical pain that can occur when pieces of software embrace each other more closely than anyone anticipated – and demonstrates that, in the worst case scenario, with fast action, community input and a desire to provide users with a good experience, problems can be solved. The experience of the future promises a wonderful path forward through seemingly counterintuitive interactions between technology and people. The oddities that pop up along the way are ever so humbling, as they remind us that collaboration, compromise and connecting the dots are inevitable.

May 30, 2024
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