Galaxy Z Flip 5 vs Razr+ Unfolded: MOTOROLA vs Samsung. A Battle Royale of Folds.

It’s a cinematic escape. And in a world that was already teeming with technological innovations, folding phones are now redefining what the future looks like for smartphones. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5 and MOTOROLA’s Razr+ are two of the most popular foldable phones on the market (and two of the most expensive, both flirting above the $1000 price tag) so we dig into the differences between these two trendsetters that will help you make that buying decision.

Unfolding the Design and Durability Debate

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 vs. MOTOROLA Razr+

Let’s start with the obvious: the design similarities between the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Razr+ are striking. Both are almost identical in weight, look and feel, and are roughly the same size when folded. Both also mirror each other in terms of aspect ratio (22:9, which is wildly different to what we’ve seen on normal smartphones before). Form factor – tick. Detail – on both devices, the hinge is king.

Crucially, the Flex hinge should ensure that the Razr’s closed phone is ‘shut as tight as a clam’, Samsung promises, as well as ‘flat as a pancake’ when opened. Having a display snap shut when you close your phone is a major unresolved complaint when it comes to phones that fold. MOTOROLA is also doubling down on one of the most common critiques of foldable screens: their crease. MOTOROLA’s hinge is thinner than Samsung’s, and should make the Razr’s screen crease less noticeable. The Z Flip 5 may be easier to open, but MOTOROLA is committed to making a durable hinge a stiff hinge.

A Tale of Two Hinges

But these innovations of the design, the hinge mechanics, are a window into the ways that the brands approach foldability subtly differently. MOTOROLA’s trick is the ability to hide that crease on the Razr+, which, with its 6.9-inch display, is arguably almost as visually seamless as the other phones in this size range. Similarly, while Samsung’s crease is certainly more noticeable, it has a wider range of colour reproduction, not to mention being IPX8 water resistant – unlike the Razr+, which is rated IP52.

The Color and Texture War: Viva Magenta vs. Glass Elegance

MOTOROLA's Razr+ Takes a Bold Step

The sensuous lure of folding smartphones can’t be overestimated, and MOTOROLA’s Razr+ shows exactly what it’s made of with a suitably colourful Viva Magenta option – a nod to the original Moto Razr V3 – and a leather back that just feels good to the touch and helps to repel scratches, another thoughtful touch that sets the Razr+ apart from glassy Z Flip 5.

Samsung's Z Flip 5: Elegance in Simplicity

On the other hand, with the Z Flip 5 by Samsung we have a more pared-back, elegant take on the theme, with a colourful outer-screen fitted inside an all-glass body: it might lack the utilitarian richness of the vegan leather, but it has its own quiet sophistication for users who’d prefer a sleek, water-proof design over a diverse touch-sensation.

Bridging the Gap: Software, Performance, and Camera Exploration

We won’t know for sure until we delve into the depths of the particular software, performance and camera capabilities of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and MOTOROLA Razr+, in review closer to their estimated 2023 debut. However, a multitude of foldable consumer electronics is certainly exciting news. One of these handsets is sure to win over users who prefer futuristic and convenient designs. Come back to The Verge for a detailed analysis of what’s to come and whether you can afford to survive the wave of foldable innovation.

In Conclusion: The Foldable Phone Arena Heats Up

The introduction of foldable smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and MOTOROLA Razr+, represent an exciting next step in mobile technology, leveraging nostalgia, futuristic aesthetics, and functionality to create an innovation ready to be implanted in our digital lives. As we move ever closer to making these marvels more commonplace, it is important to understand the ‘why’ behind their design, durability and everyday use.


Speaking of tradition – MOTOROLA shaped the way that phones fold. The company that brought the world the first mobile phone is developing the latest foldable, the Razr+, which is as lovingly designed as the classic Razr of the early 2000s: MOTOROLA tackles the age-old conflict between form and function with a beautifully symmetrical design that recalls a flip phone of yesteryear. Whether making a splurge or a sensible decision, tech consumers are investing in meaningful, powerful and thoughtful innovations that promise novelty, elegance and, yes, even a touch of nostalgia. And while MOTOROLA may lead the way, there are plenty of other players proving that innovation, reinvention and reimagination are the hallmarks of the 21st-century mall.

May 30, 2024
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