Get # Game On: Why MICROSOFT's Game Pass Is Dominating the Wishlist Wars

One name that comes up again and again in gaming’s high-stakes game of change, a revolutionary name that seems to be riding a wave of innovation and excitement, is Microsoft, and particularly its newfangled Game Pass service. If you’re lost at sea in the endless seas of gaming’s futuristic future, this is the post for you: Microsoft is making gaming, not playing. Here’s how Game Pass is changing the game for gamers around the world, and what to expect from Microsoft as it powers forward with its legions of fans.

MICROSOFT's Game Pass: The Future of Gaming Unveiled

At the not-E3 showcase, the new rallying cry for gaming announcements, Microsoft revealed a future for Xbox and PC gamers so bright, it has to be digital: announcing 30 games, 18 of which will debut on Game Pass the same day. For those keeping count, Game Pass users still have a lot of games to look forward to.

Top Wishlisted Games: A Testament to Excellence

A recent survey by found that seven of the 10 most wishlisted games on Steam are coming to Game Pass – from Doom: The Dark Ages to Gears of War: E-Day to Perfect Dark, all from Microsoft-owned studios. That’s because people want to buy into the when deciding what game to purchase or subscribe to.

The All-Star Lineup

  • Astro Bot (Sony)
  • Doom: The Dark Ages (Bethesda)
  • Gears of War: E-Day (Xbox Game Studios)
  • Perfect Dark (Xbox Game Officer)
  • ...and many more thrilling titles slated to redefine gaming norms.

MICROSOFT Studios: Crafting Worlds Beyond Imagination

Also worth pointing out is that six of the seven wishlisted Game Pass games are from the Microsoft-owned studios – not only showcasing the quality of the games coming from Microsoft but the quality of the teams and studios they’re picking up and nurturing.

The Secret Sauce to MICROSOFT's Success

What does make Microsoft stand out, though, is its refusal to compromise on accessibility and player satisfaction. Day-one releases and huge variety have come to be the expected standard for Game Pass – between whatever games are also free on Xbox, whatever can be found at a discount, and however many games are on Game Pass, anyone who’s an Xbox owner has access to a near-endless range of gaming experiences across all genres.

Equipment for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

Here’s what you should play to get the most out of the Game Pass offering for 2024:

  • Best Xbox / PC headsets
  • Best Xbox controllers
  • Best gaming laptops and accessories

These have gone through the ringer to guarantee that you have the absolute best gaming setup money can buy for the incoming onslaught of titles soon joining the Game Pass fold.

Embracing the Future with MICROSOFT

Instead, the future of gaming that Microsoft envisions – a future built around Game Pass – suggests that Xbox isn’t just part of the games industry. Instead, it’s the focal point for a future where making games is a possibility that’s open to everyone.


No technology company in the world has embarked on a more dramatic transformation than Microsoft. Once a niche software business with a small but fanatical user base, today it’s a hardware and software giant, focused on gaming. In fact, its acquisitions of Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion, and the studio Bethesda for $7.5 billion, demonstrate just how committed it really is. And Game Pass is no mere add-on: it’s a philosophy that Microsoft intends to use to stay at the forefront of each new wave of gaming technologies. Xbox and PC will be the launch pads for the future of entertainment.

At every turn, Microsoft isn’t just changing how we play games, but why we play. As it turns, it’s about creating a space where both your passion and possibility collide, that proves in games it’s not just about the next level, it’s about creating a new reality.

Jun 16, 2024
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