Unleashing Creativity for Coding Dads: A Microsoft Visual Studio Treasure

The best coding tools help transform creative tasks into a real pleasure. This is key not only for pro developers but anyone who makes development a hobby, or codes on the side. Coders who are also dads – hence the term coding dad – are great examples of people who not only want to be the best they can be at parenting, but the best they can be at their thing too. So on Father's Day this year, the gift that keeps on giving for coder dads is an individual-use licence for Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022.

Microsoft's Gift to Coding Dads: A Deal Not to Miss

Through 11:59 pm PT on June 10, Microsoft is offering anyone looking to take the next step in – or up – their coding skills a deal they can't refuse. Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022 for Windows is a veritable steal at $39.97 – a 91 per cent discount off the regular price of $499. It's because of this deal that I would strongly consider getting my dad not one, but two, ties for Father's Day.

Why Microsoft Visual Studio Stands Out

The Power of Integrated Development Environments

As the world has become increasingly digitalised, requiring solutions to be coded, Microsoft Visual Studio is one of the most popular integrated development environments (IDEs) - 64-bit apps used to create other software applications. But why is it so popular among developers and what does it do? It helps make coding as easy as possible regardless of the size of the project.

Microsoft's Commitment to Simplification and Efficiency

Microsoft has stacked Visual Studio with features to help developers along every step of the coding process. IntelliCode, for example, is the fastest way to code lines, and blocks, because it auto-completes your code; Live Share lets you code with your fellow team members in real time; CodeLens allows you to view analytics about your code, spotting issues, errors and performance problems before they become major problems. In short, no matter whether you're coding dads are flying solo on a passion project or spread out across the globe collaborating in a massive enterprise team, Visual Studio is their home to code.

The All-in-One Coding Environment

The most powerful aspect of Microsoft Visual Studio is the multiplatform and multilanguage ability. This means that, whether they program for Windows or Linux, C# or Kotlin, JavaScript or C++, developers can count on Visual Studio to have the required tools for the process. From mobile app to cloud services, Visual Studio is the nearly-jack-of-all-trades-but-a-master-of-none.

Making Coding More Accessible and Enjoyable

The heart of this Father's Day deal are premium coding tools, packaged as an invitation to more people to partake in this empowering activity, thanks to Microsoft reducing one of the main barriers of entry (the acquisition cost). In this sense, Microsoft is clearly celebrating these coding dads but also inviting others to turn coding into a pleasurable (yes: fun) hobby or profession. This inclination towards empowerment through technology and innovation is shared with other tech companies.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

By buying Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2020 for a parent, partner, friend or other coder in your life, you're not only investing in their current work, but also their future. The craft and coding they do now will be with them for life, and the skills they develop will lead to more and better projects. You're investing in a coder's future, which is a wonderful and incredibly useful gift, one that shows you believe in them and can contribute significantly to their development.

Celebrate Father's Day with a Touch of Innovation

Celebrate your dad's passion for coding this Father's Day with a gift that supports and honours this very popular hobby of his. There's simply no better time than now to get Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022! It's the gift that shows support for their programming hobby, feeds their creative side, and inspires their hopes of becoming a master coder.

Unveiling the World of Microsoft

Going beyond the superficial view of Microsoft as, for example, the maker of the popular Visual Studio development environment, we find a company that developed much more than just software to widen its users' access to and participation in desktop technology. A look at the company's sprawling product catalogue – including Windows operating systems, Office productivity software, Azure cloud services and much more – shows a company pursuing technological progress and easier use that would raise all boats.

Microsoft symbolises how software has altered the way we live, work and play by reinventing the art of the possible every day, around the globe for individuals and organisations alike by helping them do more, dream more and achieve more.

The Verdict

Dad, this Father's Day, stop stroking your beard and get back to the keyboard: this gift of Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022 isn't just a present, it's a shout-out to every coder-dad, a love-note to the coding process, a show of support for the person who is always learning and improving day-by-day, and a recognition that while some aspects of coding – complexity, ambiguity, randomness – might be unavoidable, there are some things we can do about them. Microsoft gives us the tools to make programming less sucky, and for this we are grateful. Let's make coding more dad-accessible. Dad-approved with Microsoft.

Jun 09, 2024
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