A Revolution in PC Cooling: HYTE's THICC Innovation

Cooling solutions are among the most important components in PC building, and often the limiting factor on how fast a system can operate. HYTE, a manufacturer of premium PC components and peripherals, has released an all-new line of all-in-one liquid coolers and fans, known as THICC.

These racy heads on an AIO liquid cooler known as THICC represent that newest core technology from HYTE which has the potential to become the standard for performance, looks and integration.

The Crown Jewel: THICC Q80 Trio

‘Highest performing cooler ever made’. It’s a bold claim. Maybe the most audacious of them all: ‘The AIO Cooler You’ll Never Outgrow’. So what is this marvel of modern technology? HYTE’s THICC Q80 Trio, of course. A 360mm AIO liquid cooler with a 52mm THICC Ginormous Heat Exchanger to ‘absorb more watts than any competing cooler’. It’s built with Dual Harmonic Pumps and a larger, second-generation copper cold plate, with a unique octal AMD EPYC AM4-compatible footprint. It comes with THICC FP12 Trio fans, with an ‘omnidirectional blade design for uncompromised airflow with minimal noise’ – making it ‘the ideal component for users looking to push their system performance to the extreme, without sounding like a supersonic jet’.

A More Accessible Cooling Solution: THICC P60 Duo

The THICC P60 Duo (named after its thickness, not the number of people it can accommodate) is a slightly smaller 240mm AIO liquid cooler that promises high performance at a more affordable price. It looks as good as the Q80 Trio, and the two machines share much of the hardware and cooling technology used in the larger machine. It is cooled internally by two THICC FP12 Duo fans, which have a similar design, dimensions and performance characteristics as the FP12 Trio fans used in the Q80 Trio.

Uniting Form and Function: THICC FP12 Duo & Trio

Celebrating this new frontier in fan design, THIC FP12 Duo and Trio fans are based on a 32mm THICC (short for ‘big’ – a fan term used frequently by THICC juices in sushi mats) omnidirectional aesthetics and 32mm THICC performance. Seamlessly integrating all fans into one frame, each fan comes with a set of 10 fiberglass-reinforced blades. Combined with the 140mm spinning speed, this cooling solution promises a new, immersive experience of cooling that you’ll never see but only feel – a sentimental leap, perhaps – into the finest minimalist builds we’ll speak of. And, of course, each fan comes with smart thermal and positioning sensors for on-demand cooling in one sleek design; they’re ready to be smartly controlled by any of HYTE’s customisable Nexus software.

Innovations in Lighting: PROJECTOR LENSES

The THICC series is revolutionising features such as projector lenses that collects and focuses qRGB scattered rays, creating a colorful laser beam that improves the aesthetics of any PC build without the need of additional LED strips. Nexus Link provides even more possibilities to manage both cooling and lighting systems.

Availability and Color Options

So, just how eager should you get? The THICC Q80 Trio will hit the markets in August 2024, with the THICC FP12 Duo and Trio fans coming not far behind in September 2024. And they’ll all come in both Panda and Pitch Black colourways, just in case you like to rock with a bunch of panda bears on your PC.

Understanding LENSES

And lenses, whether it’s photography, glasses or, here, PC cooling tech, are all an inversion of that relationship, a means of altering how the light behaves. Projector lenses are a hallmark of the THICC series, because such lenses are designed to collect multiple scattered pointing RGB lights and focus back into a single direction. These point-to-point beams create a brighter and more pleasing ‘light show’ effect – and this all translates into a PC build that’s simultaneously cool and pleasant to look at. It’s a reminder of HYTE’s continual focus on the visual experience of use, not only on performance.

The Cooler Revolution: Why It Matters

The launch of HYTE’s THICC range isn’t just a testament to an innovative leap forward in PC cooling technology, but a recognition of the direction in which the needs and expectations of PC builders and gamers are heading. For those who seek the best possible performance, visual impact or just the greatest user experience, HYTE’s newest offerings promise to elevate the modern PC build to heights never reached before.

May 30, 2024
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