Revolutionizing Urban Mobility: Introducing Hyundai's Inster, the Small Yet Mighty EV

The growing prevalence of battery-powered vehicles means that electric cars are no longer a minority car option. In an emerging world where electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming the emblems of an environmental transportation system, Hyundai is charting a new course by introducing the Inster, the newest electric vehicle. Sitting in the middle of the automotive landscape where the likes of Nissan Leaf and the Hyundai Ionik 5 are ushering in the future of affordable, compact EVs, the Hyundai Inster promises to be a new chapter in the history of cars, not just South Korea’s contribution to the way the world travels. As we settle in to learn more about the Hyundai Inster, we shall be driving everyone to the Busan International Mobility Show in South Korea for its debut in 2023.

The Genesis of the Hyundai Inster

A Snapshot of Affordability and Innovation

In a market in which the EV segment is shifting toward size and price points of new domestic SUVs and CUVs, the Hyundai Inster is an unexpected breath of fresh air. Its name captures the essence of its purpose, derived from ‘intimate’ and ‘innovative’, both of which are inscribed in the car’s innovative small footprint, and its link to the Hyundai Veloster, itself a car that pioneered a similar coupe-meets-hatchback inspiration. While the Inster is described in its marketing materials as a car that ‘combines a small electric car with the allure of sports car design’, the Hyundai’s allure is reliant on a more practical commitment: to a level of technology and safety features unmatched by any car this small. Despite its petite appearance, the Inster promises a 220-mile European WLTP testing cycle range – or, on the more stringent US testing standards, just under 200 miles of driving.

A Glimpse into the Future

Though the design of the Inster has been kept under wraps by Hyundai, a series of teaser photos give some indication of its design philosophy. The Inster features split headlights, with a horizontal upper element and a large round lower element, both in a pixelated design reminiscent of the Hyundai Ioniq 5. The Inster also features boxy dimensions, reminiscent of Hyundai’s current petrol-powered Hyundai VENUE.

The Unique Charm of the Hyundai Inster

Integrating Style and Substance

The car projects an air of belonging to the future, while being fundamentally anchored in Hyundai’s own ethos of continual innovation. Far from being simply the next EV, the Inster is the crystallisation of Hyundai’s mission to bring electric mobility to more people. Ahead of its debut at the Busan International Mobility Show, the Inster is more than a car – it’s a movement.

A Glimpse Beyond Borders

Though the Inster celebrates its electric evolution from the Korea-only Casper, an international launch is expected. Its small stature’s bold modesty is indicative of Hyundai’s daring to dream big, and dare to be different.

HYUNDAI VENUE: The Gasoline-Powered Prelude

Bridging Past and Future

Peering into the shadow of the Inster, we can almost hear the echo of the HYUNDAI VENUE, the gasoline-powered car that preceded it. The Inster’s design philosophy is a bold vision for the future, one that retains the pragmatic functionality that the VENUE championed. As the global auto sector moves into a new era of electric mobility, the Inster takes inspiration from cars such as the VENUE and shows the way forward, where technological innovation and human intimacy are united on the road.

Hyundai's Electric Odyssey

Navigating the Electric Future

But Hyundai’s Inster is more than a showcase of the company’s technical talents: it is a herald of engineering’s potential to shrink the gap between electric and affordable, between technological marvel and convenient automobile, between low-emissions and human scale. The Inster is almost ready for our cities.

The Inster and Beyond

The Hyundai Inster heralds a new kind of tomorrow for electric cars, one where innovation can be rich and varied yet relentlessly based in day-to-day realities. As the Inster makes its debut at the Busan International Mobility Show, it proclaims Hyundai’s vision of the future – and dares the industry to dream a different dream.


The efficient Hyundai VENUE small car is the forerunner of the Hyundai Inster EV, which is trying to do the same, only this time in the electric vehicle space. From the VENUE to the Inster, Hyundai makes the leap from internal combustion to electric mobility – from innovation to affordability. The Inster is Hyundai’s EV for the future. It draws on the legacy of the VENUE to erase the electrical divide and lead us to a new era of automobile excellence. The Hyundai Inster belongs less to the familiar world of car design than to the unfamiliar future of cars and our relationship with them and the world around us. If the history of cars tells us anything, it is that the automotive future remains to be reflected and written. As Hyundai continues to innovate beyond the Inster, the future that we are reflecting and writing remains ours for the making.

Jun 12, 2024
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