Get # Legends of Tomorrow: Unveiling the Future of Entertainment at IGN Live 2024

IGN Live’s electrifying reveals and interviews will ignite the summer of 2024, in a year when games and stories in the digital age have become legends, not only in the games we play and the stories we love, but in the very consuming of the pop culture we love. This article goes behind the scenes of IGN Live 2024 to explore the epic legends of the past, and the future legends who will shape the future of entertainment.

Day 1 Revelations: The Dawning of New LEGENDS

The Legend Continues with Vox Machina

With the first day of IGN Live comes a look at what the future holds for ‘The Legend of Vox Machina’. The cast, which includes actors such as Matthew Mercer and Laura Bailey, had the first details about Season 3. Season 3 will see an evolution of the series, but will remain true to its Dungeons & Dragons roots. Fans of the series will get to see a legend live this October.

A Legend Reborn: The Thing Remastered

‘The Thing’ has been returned from oblivion in the form of a video game remaster by Nightdive Studios, giving IGN Live an autumnal air of jubilant resurrection. If there’s one thing we know about The Thing, it’s that it’s ‘one of the most horrifically fun games released back in the day’. This is a classic that’s been reworked using the latest in computer technology to ensure that ‘when you play it today, the horror still works’.

Offbrand Games: A New Legend in Publishing

And then Ludwig went on to announce that he was a new game publisher, launching Offbrand Games, a company with a mission ‘to build a better future for developers and gamers alike’. A future built on the legacy of ‘the World’s greatest fair and honest game company’.

Day 2: Legends in Virtual Reality and Film

Alien: Rogue Incursion—A Legendary Feat in VR

TQ Jefferson of Survios shared his vision of what terrified encounters with a Xenomorph in ‘Alien: Rogue Incursion’, a new virtual reality experience designed to redefine fear in the latest gaming frontier. This game is not just another Alien title; it’s indicative of virtual reality gaming on the brink of a major breakthrough in immersive terror that could set the standard for future horror.

Borderlands Movie Sneak Peek: From Game to Legendary Cinema

It’s rare for the story to go the other way, from screen to game, and for the legend to survive relatively intact – which is one reason to get excited about the Borderlands movie. As Kevin Hart, Cate Blanchett and the rest of the cast recently explored Pandora in a behind-the-scenes glimpse provided at IGN Live, it seemed as though the intention was to hew close to the first legend while building another for the screen.

Day 3: Legends of Toys, Animation, and Middle-earth

Batman Forever Set by McFarlane Toys

The toys were designed by Brian Walters of McFarlane Toys, who announced a line related to Batman Forever. A legend is not killed — it is reborn. collectibles are a chance for the fan to touch a legend. They offer nostalgia tempered by the excitement of new craftsmanship.

Exploding Kittens Animated Show

Netflix has adapted Exploding Kittens into a TV series, a testament to how games can be shaped by the rules of new media, crossing from the page to the screen and more. With the first trailer and creator insights into the upcoming show, Exploding Kittens is headed to animated legend status.

The Making of a LEGEND

Partnering with Movement and the fictitious sports venture Lift, IGN’s flagship event, IGN Live 2024, was fundamentally a forward-facing event, in which the auguries of brand-new legends and the cineverse expansion of another were inextricably interconnected, as material was announced and interviews were conducted to lay the groundwork for what will come next. From the aquatic enclaves of Alien: Rogue Incursion to the multi-platform cineverse of Borderlands, each revelation and Q&A was just a step in the process of creating the cultural products for the youths of today.

What Defines a Legend?

At its most basic, the legend is a tribute to mastery and ingenuity – a powerful reminder of the magic of storytelling itself, whether it’s in a game, a series, or a film, whether you experience it alone or alongside a community. It is born in those moments we share, in that surge of excitement, in that feeling of being transported to a new kind of reality, and ultimately into a new world of play.

IGN Live 2020 has not just revealed what’s next, it’s also shown us what it takes to become a legend. Three days of revelations and surprises have propelled us to the forefront of a new era, where more legends are just beginning.

Jun 08, 2024
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