Unleashing Productivity: How Inflow Became My Secret Weapon Against ADHD

Living with ADHD feels like being socked all day, every day, in the wadding of a fog-machine, constantly losing stuff, constantly forgetting stuff, constantly going in circles. Like many with ADHD, I’ve always been on the lookout for a manageable, well-crafted tool or process in the battle to better manage my ADHD symptoms. I came across Inflow during a period when I was med-free with ADHD.

Finding My Way with GOOGLE and Beyond

Google was with me the entire time. It provided me with various tools and articles about ADHD symptoms and how to manage them – from using Google Keep to organise my scattered mind and even chaos of tasks, to informational collected from Google search results, including articles about various cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques. With all these supports – the apps and the articles – I felt like I was empowered and on the right track. However, the flipside to this was that I could still end up falling down the rabbit hole of old, unproductive habits.

Discovering Inflow: More Than Just an App

When I first found Inflow, I didn’t try it because I didn’t believe in it. There’s just so much out there on Google – searches that can turn up answers – that it felt like a paid app would be no different or better. But I was desperate, so I gave it a shot. When I used it, it became obvious.

A Personalized Journey Through ADHD

What differentiates Inflow is its initial questionnaire, which calibrates the experience to your specific needs. The app isn’t generalised life advice for people with ADHD; it’s tailored to the challenges you face, be they the distraction of task avoidance, the rejection sensitivity dysphoria (feeling like you’re even worse than you really are) or the increased sense that your goals won’t be realised. These are the areas that most hurt your productivity and happiness, says Kajko, and the app will ask those questions upfront, so you can get to work.

Why Pay for Inflow?

Does paying for Inflow seem like it might be a worthwhile investment? Given that so much information is readily available for free by Googling the topic and following expert links, what makes the education in Inflow worth its subscription price? The simplest answer is that Inflow structures and guides curated materials from various sources. The app provides recommendations that are tailored to your struggles and paced for your learning in a way that no amount of free Googling could.

Community and Support: The Inflow Experience

Building Habits with Daily Goals

Perhaps most importantly, I was impressed with Inflow’s focus on setting daily core focus goals. This simple idea of daily intention helped me leap from planning to doing – a move that many with ADHD find complicated.

The Power of Connection

The live events and the very option to connect with the community made Inflow feel like it held me accountable for actually building a habit that I’m otherwise not very good at. It’s also not just the tips I learned through the Focus Rooms and CoWorking sessions but the solidarity I found with other ADHDers that is a welcome part of Inflow.

Coaching: A Personal Touch

I might have been skeptical of pure text-coaching were it not for the fact that having a personal coach felt valuable, even if the response time was slower than I’d have liked and the journey wasn’t completely anonymous.

Is Inflow Worth the Investment?

At this point, after several months’ experience with Inflow, I can say that, for me, it’s been money very well spent – and the tweaks, the planning structure, the hacks and the personal coaching and the community have kept me moving, and made managing my own ADHD much more tenable.

Beyond Inflow: Continual Learning and Growth

While my requirement for Inflow has tapered off as my ADHD symptoms are better controlled, the process of finding out more and improving myself is still ongoing. The information, habits and techniques that I first learnt through the app remain with me as a foundation that needs bolstering, supported now by Google and other companions.

GOOGLE: A Gateway to ADHD Management

Although Inflow provided the outline of a management plan, Google remains my means of on-the-fly learning and exploration, and I’m still fully dependent on it to maintain my momentum, keeping up with the latest ADHD research and discovering new tools for staying productive.

Conclusion: Inflow and Beyond

In many ways, Inflow was that hope come to life, offering personalised guidance with a structure to help me manage my ADHD symptoms. The cost is high but, for those who struggle with ADHD, Inflow can be a life-altering investment. And here is the other game-changer to consider: Google. As indispensable as Inflow has been in my ADHD-management journey, Google continues to help my journey too. I am guided daily to uncounted resources that allow me to learn and grow. And together, Inflow and Google have helped me turn what once was a daunting task – managing the ADHD symptoms – into a manageable reality.

Jun 09, 2024
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