Charting Intel's Revolutionary Journey: Highlights from the Computex 2024 Keynote

Decades of Innovation: Intel's 40-Year Milestone with Taiwan

A palpable energy filled the air at exactly 11:00 PM EDT as the lights dimmed and the Intel Computex 2024 keynote was about to start. Billed as a deep dive into the latest in computing technology, the keynote presentation began with a homage to a decades-long partnership: 40 years of Intel’s collaboration with Taiwan. The video was phenomenal: A celebration of the powerful bond wrought through shared challenges and experiences, it set the tone for the night’s astonishing announcements and innovations.

A Nostalgic Trip and a Glimpse into the Future

When Pat Gelsinger, Intel’s CEO, took the stage to huge cheers, the keynote itself launched into a nostalgic trip down Intel’s road to a trillion transistors. There was a discussion of Moore’s Law followed by a toast, as if Intel were at Computex for the very first time back in 1981. Gelsinger spoke at length of Taiwan’s culture and Intel’s deep history with its Taiwanese partners, with regular references to the significance of AI, which would ultimately become the keynote’s overarching theme.

Moore’s Law, AI, and the Era of Innovation

While we watched, the keynote picked up pace as Gelsinger walked us down a path of computing history, from the 18286 chip of 1981 to the present, culminating in a triumphant assertion by Gelsinger that Moore’s Law – the observation, widely credited to Gordon Moore, one of Intel’s co-founders, that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles about every two years – was alive. Just alive. As Gelsinger struck the final notes and stepped away from his podium to applause, Intel would announce a ‘journey to a trillion transistors’ – a vision of a world exploding with possibility.

The AI Transition: A Pioneering Dawn

Next, Intel announced plans for the Intel Foundry, billed as the world’s first systems foundry for the AI era. Gelsinger’s statement that AI will be as ubiquitous as the internet is no idle boast; it is a statement about the future of computing. Not for nothing does Intel point out that 130 million Xeons power data centres around the world. The initial release of Xeon 6 with all E-cores was a tacit admission that Intel was as serious about reinventing computing as laptops and power savings as it was about performance.

LUNAR LAKE and the AI PC Ecosystem Expansion

The revelations continued with LUNAR LAKE, and a look at the roadmap for our chip technology from today onwards, but the announcement of the AI PC stole the show with Intel’s partners LG amongst the world’s preeminent brands unveiling a new era of intelligent computing for consumers. We showed a wide variety of more than 500 models from our ecosystem partners across the top tiers of the OEM ecosystem.

LG's Role in the AI PC Revolution

Indeed, with the increased hype around AI PCs, LG’s endeavour, I believe, deserves more attention. As an innovative and quality iconic Korean brand, LG has been leading the scene in the field of AI, from AI ThinQ home appliances to models of AI personal computers that aim to meet the needs of various consumers. The AI PCs of LG reflect the company’s partnership with Intel and together they have a vision to create a smarter, more connected world.

The Future Is Now: Embracing Intel and LG’s Vision

The Intel Computex 2024 keynote was a celebration of the company’s future potential as well as its past glories. It was also a sign of what is to come. As we move into the age of intelligent machines, Intel and LG reveal the way forward. AI is the star that made the journey possible. As we write this, we are at the cusp of a new age, a new era that will surely change our perception of what technology can do for us. Thanks, Intel and LG.

About LG

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Jun 06, 2024
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