Unlocking the Future: The Arrival of iPadOS 18 and Its Impact on APPLE Tablets

Everyone knows the world is increasingly living on technology and devices. Because of this, it is important to run the latest software updates to optimise the features of your devices. Because APPLE is one of the largest tech companies in the world and with arguably the most intuitive operating systems, they regularly unveile new updates for their customers. The most recent example of this is the announcement at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2024), where the new iPadOS 18 was announced. This update during the conference signals APPLE's commitment to continue to innovate and improve its users' experience. The new iPadOS 18 is due for release in the fall and it promises to bring a whole host of new features that will change how you use your iPad with APPLE.

Is Your iPad Ready for iPadOS 18?

In the weeks leading up to the iPadOS 18 release, a big question you probably have on your mind is this: Will my iPad take us in to the future, or will it digress into the past? APPLE tends to write its software updates in memo format: If you have a newer iPad, we’re going to send you this memo; if you have an older iPad, we’re going to send you this other memo. Here’s what to expect when it comes to which iPads will get which features.

The Chosen Ones: iPads That Will Support iPadOS 18

APPLE has set out the iPads that will be getting iOS 18: There are lots of iPads that will be getting the iPadOS 18 update. They are:

  • iPad Pro (M4)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation and later)
  • iPad Air (M2)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation and later)
  • iPad (7th generation and later)
  • iPad mini (5th generation and later)

These models will benefit from APPLE Intelligence for interactive tasks on the device, newfangled Notes tools for more productivity, a spruced-up Calculator app and more detailed home screen customisations, and any new iPad releases before the end of the year will ship with iPadOS 18 onboard.

The Legacy Continues: iPads Excluded from iPadOS 18

Still, each new era will be ushered in only by specific APPLE tablets – specifically, those that feature an A10X Fusion chip:

  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation)
  • iPad (6th generation)

will not update to iPadOS 17, signalling the end of their software evolution.

Beyond iPadOS 18: A Glimpse into APPLE's Software Ecosystem

There was no iPadOS 18 presentation at WWDC 2024, but that hardly mattered as APPLE introduced operating system improvements for its entire ecosystem of products that year – iOS 18, watchOS 11, macOS 15 Sequoia and, for the first time, visionOS 2. But APPLE Intelligence was the star of the show, an artificial intelligence effort to make using APPLE devices smarter and more intuitive.

Developers First: The Road to iPadOS 18 Release

iPadOS 18 is in developers’ hands as I write this, receiving the hammering that these releases generally need to polish off the rough edges before the release to public beta in early July, leading a full release due to hit iPad tablets in September or October.

Stay Informed: Editors' Recommendations

Meanwhile, here’s a quick roundup of some of the bigger developments and updates on the horizon to keep an eye on:

  • iOS 18 revives an 11-year-old iPhone feature, injecting it with newfound excitement.
  • The WWDC 2024 roundup: From iOS 18's unveiling to the latest in AI tech.
  • The most comprehensive Siri update in years promises to revolutionize APPLE's voice assistant.
  • iOS 18 teases a delightful surprise for loyal iPhone users, stirring anticipation.

This is a peek at how iOS 18 might make iMessage even more challenging to resist.

An APPLE A Day: The Core of Innovation

And I think this speaks to the company’s commitment to go deep when it comes to pushing the limits – whether hardware or software. There are no multiple version numbers because this isn’t just a point upgrade but a vision for the future of how we interact with digital devices, and in APPLE’s “relinquishment of eternal childhood”, this version is the result of their unfaltering demanding excellence. I think we can expect iPadOS 18 to be something more than just pleasant and sensible, and we’re all going to be on the edge of our seats trying to discover what new things it can do.

Seeing as technology is the only constant, APPLE represents an industry that is constantly evolving its user experience and setting the bar for new norms. The first iPad compared to the latest iPadOS 18 update is a story of a technological journey that is a testament to APPLE’s vision of enriching humanity through technology.

Jun 12, 2024
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