Slimming Down to Premium: The iPhone 16 Pro Series Sets a New Standard

In the mobile phone war that never ends, Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro Max and iPhone 16 Pro look set to be the slimmest bezels anywhere, anytime. Good thing that Apple’s relentless innovation agenda keeps pushing cutting-edge sleekness and premium styling ahead of what’s demanded by high-end customers.

The Evolution of Slim: How the iPhone 16 PRO Series Beats the Rest

With the iPhone 15 Pro series already sporting extremely thin bezels, it is not a secret that Apple is continuing to push its smartphone designs to the edge. Recent leaks online have claimed that the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max could come with even thinner bezels of 1.2mm and 1.15mm (vs 1.71mm on the iPhone 15 Pro). Here’s what we mean.

A Proven Track Record of Leaks

Even with the tech world being notoriously sceptical of leaks, these sources have an intriguing, if patchy, track record. Setsuna Digital and another leaker whose Twitter handle is @UniverseIce predicted Apple’s upcoming launch of a new iPhone SE, while they were also responsible for a recent YouTube video that accurately revealed OnePlus’s launch of the Nord smartphone two days before its official announcement. So until such announcements come in, take these glittering notes of anticipation and hope with a grain of salt.

The World's Narrowest Bezels: A Bold Claim

Claiming that ‘the iPhone 16 Pro models will have the narrowest bezels in the world’ is a bold assertion that, if earned, signals a new industry record; it is a technological achievement that allows users of those phones to experience an even more immersive display without their phones becoming any bigger. Such a claim is also worth noting because of the action it inspires in consumers: pride and peace of mind.

Competing for the Crown: The iPhone 16 PRO vs. Samsung Galaxy S24

From iPhone 16 Pro, Apple will again steal the thunder of Samsung Galaxy S24 by making its bezel even smaller than the 24th version of Samsung Galaxy. This friendly competition between apple and Samsung has become an engine for the development of smartphone design and technology, and the happy winner of this is us, the smartphone users, since the advancing technology and trendy looking devices keep getting better and cheaper.

Why Slimmer Bezels Matter: More Than Just Aesthetic Appeal

Let’s be clear: shrinking bezels won’t make iPhones smaller in the literal sense. It’s not a vanity project. It makes them more usefully bigger. When you combine the slim-bezel design philosophy with larger screens, you get larger, more immersive, more useable displays while keeping the device small enough to be reasonably usable in hand. Small is beautiful – a statement perhaps more applicable to the slim-bezel design philosophy than it was to Ivan Illich’s perception of technology.

Pro Tips for Keeping Up with the Latest iPhone 16 PRO News

Fans who want to know what’s happening early in the cycle can track tech-news sites and the leakers for whispers of new features or design tweaks. Tech-centred community forums and social media can buzz with rumours and expectations about the technologies to look out for.

Understanding "Pro": More Than Just a Name

The ‘Pro’ moniker in the iPhone line is more than just a marketing gimmick: it indicates the product that Apple aims to make better, faster and more capable than anything else in the series. An iPhone Pro is supposed to have the most powerful processor of any iPhone, the most technical features, and the most advanced design. If the rumours about thinner bezels on the iPhone 16 Pro are true, it will be just the latest example of that promise in action, of Apple aiming for ever-decreasing bezels to create Pro models that are a step forward, not just an iteration.

I know we are still several months away from the long-awaited and official launch of the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max, but I am quite excited. For one, I understand that the latest Pro series from Apple has the world’s thinnest bezels – whatever a ‘bezel’ is; and for another, well, just see for yourself. I hear they are already shaping up to be the epitome of every single thing that Apple has been striving to be. So, keep your eyes peeled, the (near) future of smartphones are sure to look a lot slimmer, sleeker … and more premium.

Jun 06, 2024
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