Taking the LEAP: Why the Kawasaki Ninja 400 Is the Perfect Starter Bike

Motorcycles make driving exciting, adrenaline-filled and a little scary. For a beginner, choosing the first bike makes all the difference towards starting the journey in style. There are countless bikes to choose from and one bike that stands out for beginners is Kawasaki Ninja 400. This article looks at why choosing this bike for the first ride might be the best decision a new rider could make.

LEAP into Riding: The Beginner-Friendly Ninja 400

There is nothing sedate about this bike and, as the largest displacement bike in the Ninja family, it offers the best balance between power and manageability, which makes it the ideal starter bike for anybody even remotely considering the purchase of a motorcycle. At 361.6 lbs (366 lbs with ABS) it is easy to handle at low speeds; yet it is fast enough to complete a standing quarter-mile in 12.0 seconds with a terminal speed of 105 mph. It starts at $5,299, and if you want ABS you can add it for a mere $400. This is an ideal entry point for a new rider who wants to have a blast from the very beginning. He or she also wants the safety that ABS provides, so by spending the extra $400, they make safety a priority from the start.

Why the Ninja 400 Is a LEAP Ahead for New Riders

Glance into Kawasaki’s ‘New Rider Friendly’ branding, and looking right back at you is the Ninja 400, a shining example of the firm’s efforts to embrace newbies. When Kawasaki boosted the engine from 296cc to 399cc for the 2018 Ninja 400 model year, they were giving riders a bike to grow into, answering one of the most frequent complaints of novices: I’ve outgrown my bike too quickly! With more intermediate power, it means a rider can keep their Ninja 400 for longer, giving themselves time to improve their competence.

Riding with Confidence: A LEAP in Engine Power

It’s not just about bigger displacement either, as it is about the design of the Ninja 400’s engine, delivering more linear power delivery as the rider upshifts. Far from making the Ninja 400 less new-rider friendly, it makes it even more compatible with novices, letting the rider grow into the role while keeping them in control and comfortable with the bike’s 31-inch seat height and lightweight design.

BEYOND the Ninja 400: Exploring Alternatives

For those still on the fence, the closest thing to a direct competitor of the Kawasaki is the Versys-X 300, with a 296cc engine and the same ‘New Rider Friendly’ credentials as the Ninja. Outside of Kawasaki, the Honda CB300R is a similar opponent, and it’s not only competitively priced, but lauded for its handling and comfort; whereas the Ninja 400’s extra power will allow you to develop as a rider.

Assessing the LEAP: Why the Ninja 400 Wins for Beginners

Is it a good learners’ bike? Overall, it’s the Ninja 400’s even mix of affordability, power and safety that might make it a perfect first motorcycle. It is one of the least expensive sports bikes available for under $6,000, and although riders will be able to go ’10s’ in the quarter mile, and have the advantage of sports bike ‘crouch’, they need not be limited to the city, or to the slow lane. Magazines and riders alike agree on its value as a novice motorcycle.

The Kawasaki Assurance: A Safety Net for New Riders

Along with all its material features, the Kawasaki Ninja 400 also comes with the peace of mind offered through a 12-month limited warranty that new riders can count on while they take their first leap into the world of riding. Kawasaki offers this as a part of its commitment to rider enjoyment and safety.

A Final LEAP into Understanding

The Kawasaki Ninja 400, with its blend of horsepower and rideability, its design and safety guarantee, inspires newcomers to jump into the process. ‘Treat the Ninja 400 like a face in the closing credits that everyone watches until the very end’ For those ready to climb aboard a motorcycle for the ride of a lifetime, the road beckons.

Ultimately, dropping into the saddle of a Kawasaki Ninja 400 represents not just a bike purchase but a commitment to an adventure with a friend for life: one that will be equally willing to take you camping in the neighbouring state as it will to chaperone you down the nearest freeway overpass. It’s prepared to meet you as you are, whether you’ve just earned your licence at 16 and represent a living advertisement for the motorcycle safety movement or you’re an octogenarian reaping the benefits of a lifetime of personal development through leisurely rides around town or the winding country roads of your favourite coastline.

Jun 06, 2024
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