# Startup Battlefield 200: How the World’s Greatest Innovators Are Changing the Future

It’s Silicon Valley. A new generation of entrepreneurs is on the verge of the most ambitious innovations of their careers. The best of the best will have the chance to compete on the global stage for a shot at launching their startups on the TechCrunch Disrupt 2024 Startup Battlefield 200. Applications are open now. We’re looking for the dreamers and the doers, the crazy ones, and the ones who might just be crazy enough do change the world.

Unveiling the Startup Battlefield 200: A Gateway to Recognition and Success

What is Startup Battlefield 200?

The perfect platform for new startups, Startup Battlefield 200 is a showcase of some of the world’s most promising early-stage companies. A carefully curated programme that’s part of the extremely competitive TechCrunch Disrupt conference, the Startup Battlefield 200 rewards the most promising startups by offering them an unrivalled global exposure, a network of incredible contacts, and a chance to secure funding. Why?

Navigating the Battlefield: How It Works

  • Application Beauty: A startup’s application is the first hurdle to make it to the Battlefield. The company has to apply through the website and a team at TechCrunch vets the applicants, picking out 200 startups to join the programme.
  • Mentorship Magic: Every winning startup gets a match with a mentor whose insight helps them illuminate the darkness on their way to honing their vision and strategy.
  • Pitch Perfection: Much like a classically trained musician at the piano, startups go through several repetitions of intense ‘pitch practice’ in order to hone their delivery and sharpen their message for the finale in fron... [Content Truncated For Demo Purposes]
Jun 08, 2024
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