Bringing the Brightness Back: LG QNED90T Review and Why It's A Game-Changer

With an embarrassment of riches in terms of purchasing modern televisions, LG’s latest newbie – the QNED90T – blazes a light that convincingly argues why spectators are fumbling between the hypnotic glow of OLED and the undeniable brilliance of Mini LEDs. We are taking LG’s new star of technology for a deep-dive and, after reading this one, there’ll be no mistake about the future of home entertainment.

LG's Marvel of Mini LED Technology

Its Mini LED technology, which it wields to great effect, lies at the core of the LG QNED90T’s uniqueness. Welcoming in the technology propels the display abilities of its TV into the realm of sumptuous brightness and vibrant colours, a development from backlighting that delivers an assault on the eyes in a (mostly) good way, its stellar display performance almost letting you forget the media-darling lustre of OLED.

Setting the Stage with LG's QNED90T

Unwrapping and installing the LG QNED90T is the prologue to what should be a visually engrossing tale. The 65-incher is right around $1,899, and the installation is simple and straightforward, with plenty of weight and utility to complement its sleek look. The legs are great, and I really love how they can be pulled in or out depending on how far I want the TV to stick out.

The Magic Remote and Connectivity: A Touch of LG

Staying true to LG’s tradition of intuitive controls, the QNED90T is blessed with Magic Remote, packed with both functionality and style. Its ergonomic design reflects the rich connectivity suite of the device, with HDMI 2.1 ports and USB connectivity that surely will keep the media buff and the gamer alike content.

A Symphony of Display Performance

Delving deeper into the QNED90T display uncovers a strategic design that heavily reduces the limitations associated with LED TV. Through dedicated uniformity and detail testing, LG intelligently enhances the picture quality of its Mini LED screen, rendering practically anything you watch as if the screen and show are a single entity.

The Luminance Achievement

The LG QNED90T excels – or perhaps I mean ‘blazes’ – in terms of peak brightness, thanks to Quantum Dot NanoCell technology, as luminous as the high noon sun and as dim as lamplight by the evening. Every colour blooms in its full glory, while keeping true to accuracy. LG’s technological zeal guarantees it.

A.I. Integration: LG Leading the Way

AI from LG takes the viewing experience with the QNED90T to a whole new level. Thanks to A9 Gen 4 Intelligent Processor, the TV seamlessly adjusts the display and sound-related settings in accordance to the content. Its features are so intuitive, and the A8 AI Processor 4K so smoothly embeds itself into the interface, that engaging with it is natural and easy, and extremely helpful towards achieving the best possible experience.

Navigating with WebOS 24

LG’s latest version of its operating system, WebOS 24, aims to provide this straightforward, human-centric interface with minimal visual clutter and maximum accessibility. Features such as Quick Cards and a cleaner information hierarchy give the user easy access to large content libraries or setting options.

Is LG's QNED90T the Right Choice for You?

As this flaming endorsement of LG’s dedication to bringing you the best TV technology possible finally draws to a close, the question you’re all asking, deep down in your black little hearts, is: should you be bringing an LG QNED90T into your home cinema sanctum? If you want a TV that can light up a room, has forward-looking AI smarts, and comes with a host of connection ports that will meet all your needs now and in the foreseeable future, then this QNED90T is definitely a TV that you should be considering.

What is LG?

LG Corporation is a South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation. It manufactures electronics, chemicals, telecoms and home appliances. It is a global leader in bringing futuristic tech into people’s homes today. During the 2018 Winter Olympics, LG demonstrated its ability to develop and produce state-of-the-art products such as OLED and innovative QNED Mini LED televisions that revolutionised the living room. As this Chinese advert demonstrates, LG has always been a pioneer in the electronics industry. It continues to inspire and improve consumer lifestyles.

Jun 13, 2024
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