Unleashing Creativity and Innovation: LIAN LI's Groundbreaking Unveilings at Computex 2024

A leading innovator in chassis and PC accessories, LIAN LI Industrial Co. is firmly ascendant in technological innovation and design. From June 4th to June 7th, the company will once again transform Computex 2024 into a haven of dazzling and innovative developments on the PC industry. Set at the Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 1F, booth I0110, LIAN LI will unravel a myriad of prototypes and unrivalled steps in innovation on every aspect of PC building. From the woody feel of the LANCOOL 217 to the introduction of wireless controller for PC case accessories – LIAN LI will celebrate the arrival of a new level of PC building and DIY setups.

INNOVATIONS THAT CONNECT: Introducing LIAN LI's Latest Prototypes

Where Design Meets Functionality: The LANCOOL Series

From the awe-inspiring Aura Sync and Color Plus effects in the LUNA RGB, to the stunning design of the LANCOOL 207 with its ability to host ATX components in an M-ATX chassis, and the gorgeous wooden design of the LANCOOL 217, LIAN LI motto remains: beauty in function, function in beauty. The O11 Vision Compact doesn't simply encapsulate a platform: it optimises space and airflow, continuing the heritage of the original O11 Dynamic, but improving upon it in every way possible.

A Wireless Revolution: Simplifying Control

The official unveiling of LIAN LI’s first wireless controller will finally put an end to the view-ruining and control-detracting spaghetti mess of cables you’ve been dealing with on your PC. No more having to install a separate controller and app for controlling your fans! No more fiddling with separate controllers for your RGB and controlling your case fans! No more soporific RGB colour combinations! Along with the UNI FAN SL V3 and Strimer Plus V3, this is just the first step we’re taking towards a future where it will be both simple and intuitive to control your hardware.

CREATIVITY UNLEASHED: Collaborations and Recognitions

Connecting Worlds: LIAN LI and SignalRGB

Also bringing this sharply into focus is the partnership between LIAN LI and SignalRGB that offers L-Connect 3 to seamlessly synchronise lighting effects across every component. Synchronising lighting effects is a crucial aspect of aesthetic control, and the collaboration paves the way for a more immersive and personal PC building experience.

Excellence in Cooling: LANCOOL 216 RGB

With an 'S' Rating from the PPLP Lab, the LANCOOL 216 RGB showcases LIAN LI's competence in cooling technological capabilities. LIAN LI's LANCOOL 216 series offers excellent cooling performance, allowing your components to are favourable environments.


Being connected. This is the essence of LIAN LI. The way we design, the technology we develop, the way we work with partners – everything comes back to this. The bond between the owner and the build. That's what everything is for. From the prototypes to the collaborations, our mission is helping to fulfil that connection, and that's what we're striving to showcase at this year's Computex.

Embracing the Future: A Final Thought

LIAN LI at Computex 2024 is not only part of the revolution of PC building and customisation, but spearheading the culture of innovation and creativity. Let’s not forget to observe the future, continue to reform and innovate. LIAN LI is committed to bringing exceptionally crafted products and phenomenal experiences to PC builders everywhere. See you all this June at the Nangang Exhibition Center and experience the future of PC technology.

Jun 06, 2024
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